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  1. Personal Adverts
    As above, it's the one with the monster 13.5Ah battery, goodman handle and thumb loop. It has wet connectors so you can use it to power a heated vest during deco or simultaneously with a Y connector. NiMh pack always on trickle and still at >90% capacity, burns forever. Bulb strikes first time...
  2. Underwater Video & Photography
    My D4 torch flooded recently and most of the reflector paint came off. Is it possible to re-paint it, rather than buy a complete unit, and if so what with? Lorraine
  3. Personal Adverts
    Hi, I'm looking for a backup style light, something bright and reliable. I'd prefer a rechargable battery. Something similar to a light-for-me XML backup. Based in Bristol. Budget around £60ish but flexible. Cheers!
  4. Personal Adverts
    If somebody is selling a canister light (LED, HID, bright, Goodman handle), in good condition, please PM me with spec's and pictures! Cheers!
  5. Personal Adverts
    Hi there! I just thought I'd put it up here, just in case somebody would want to sell their 2nd hand lights over the winter. I am looking at buying two MB-Sub VB Cave lights (complete, i.e. canister, head, cable, charger and goodman handle). PM me, should anybody want to get rid of one or two...
  6. Personal Adverts
    For sale Underwater Kinetics c4 eLED in bright Yellow It is a 200 lumen LED lamp, using 4 x C cells. Divers Warehouse sell these for £100. This has bearly been used, excellent condition. Looking for 50 quid, offers considered, delivered to UK or collect from near Skipton. Cheers Simon
1-6 of 6 Results