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  1. Personal Adverts
    As the title, looking for a Liquivision Lynx data cable
  2. Computers & Dive Timers
    Hi All, I bought a Liquivision X1 eight weeks ago from Divelife. I noticed on the Divelife Website today, that they are no longer selling or supporting X1's from Jan 12th 2012 due to high customer return rates / reliability issues. I have had on a few occasions, the X1 frantically scrolling...
  3. Personal Adverts
    Tech gear and camera for sale_More added! Sealife DC1000 with the following: SeaLife DC1000, 10 mp camera - (SL100) 2 SeaLife Digital Pro Flash - (SL961) SeaLife Wide Angle Lens (SL970)(missing neoprene cover) 2 SeaLife Flash Link (SL962) 2GB Delkin SD Pro Series memory Buoyancy Weight (SL966)...
  4. Surface Interval
    Absolutely this is a totally blantant plug. :shade: It's five weeks to go to EUROTEK.2010. If you're unable to make it, but you want to buy Raffle Tickets, you can. So far we've got; An X-Scooter Deep Ideas Cuda 650 DPV worth £4,000 A bespoke Otter drysuit of your choice A pair of Halcyon...
1-4 of 4 Results