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  1. Surface Interval
    Hi Can I ask everybody to be on the lookout for a missing dry suit please. It was sent to SDS in Sheffield for some repairs using Collect plus which is Yodel. They failed to delivery it and sent it to their Leamington depot then managed to lose it completely. We are still fighting with...
  2. Personal Adverts
    Hi Due to being half daft I left my goody bag by the slip at Puffin Dive Centre Oban on Easter Sunday. In the white(ish) bag is a Pair of Scuba pro gloves, a WaterProof hood, AP valves DSMB and a small pocket reel, a Subgear XP10 PDC and most importantly a prescription dive mask with a black...
  3. Personal Adverts
    Hey Guys, while diving in Weasel loch yesterday, my beloved Suunto Vyper computer was swept off my arm by wave action. Being a student i dont have the budget for a new one and I'm unlikely to for a fair while, if anyone finds it I will be most grateful and will find some form of reward...
  4. Personal Adverts
    An ex-dive buddy of mine left my stuff on the shore and it all got swallowed by the sea. Therefore if anyone happens to find them I'd be very happy. Was at Martins Haven launching to dive round Skomer. My only alternative is to buy another set, so if anyone has some XXL Turtles going, etc...
  5. Surface Interval
    Hi, Just come back from a very nice dive on the Northcoates wreck out of Littlehampton minus my AP Valves auto DSMB and Oceanic reel. :angry: The Oceanic Delta Mini Max reel has a black handle/frame with an orange cassette and yellow line. The line has black markings at 3, 6 and 9 metres & has...
  6. Underwater Video & Photography
    Hi all, If you find a big old wide angle lens on the Aeolian Sky it's probably mine which I lost on Sunday. If you do happen to find it and it's still in one piece then either:- A) Sell it on ebay B) Drop me a line and I will give you a nice reward. Those attachments for mounting to the case...
  7. Personal Adverts
    Went Diving at Stoney today and found a rather spiffy dive knife straight off the quay side. If you can describe it to me, its yours (again):shade:
  8. Personal Adverts
    lost at vobster sometime since sat 24th compact digital cam sony with housing with yellow and blue on housing last seen near the far ladder positive buoyant at the time. If any one has seen/found/been offered one please contact me with details thanks Stuart
1-8 of 8 Results