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  1. Wildlife & Ecology Issues
    The new forum, found within our ScubaBlog will focus on marine conservation issues, European species ID, underwater photography for marine research, etc. (We are open to suggestions but it will not be the typical scuba travel or wreckie-techie forum.) To join the forum, click the Scuba Blog...
  2. Wildlife & Ecology Issues
    Ever wanted to know about the private lives of Dragonets or how Cephalopods like octopus and cuttlefish are able to change colour so rapidly? Learn some fascinating marine facts here:Marine Life Costa Brava
  3. Wildlife & Ecology Issues
    The first ITV1 prog in Hugh's Fish Fight series, shown last night, really highlighted the huge waste of tons of good fish in the North Sea due to the crazy CFP quota system that makes massive discards legally unavoidable. To ensure that the current CFP review results in sane, equitable and...
  4. Underwater Video & Photography
    I have just launched a new website Marine Life Costa Brava giving visitors a glimpse of the beauty of the sea life that we encounter whilst fun diving and carrying out marine conservation research on the Costa Brava. The aim is to raise awareness of the amazing biodiversity and fragility of our...
  5. Wildlife & Ecology Issues
    You can read the report on our EcoDive volunteer activities in the Med here SILMAR Project Report for 2009
1-6 of 6 Results