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  1. Personal Adverts
    InnerSpace Corporation Megladon CCR Rebreather 2007 Stumpy 3 Ltr cylinders. 2x Oxygen and 2x Diluent fitted with Tiger mounts ( All out of test ) Golem Gear BOV ( non-Shrimp) Golem gear CCR wing 5mm Stainless Steel back plate (backplate extension) and harness with D-rings and attachments...
  2. Megalodon Rebreather
    Hello, I sell megalodon COPIS 1 with a hud shearwater, and monitor ppO2 gorilla, very few dives in very good condition, has original wings, subjection to bottles (bottles not included). € 3,200, not including shipping from Spain. send e-mail to send pictures.
  3. Megalodon Rebreather
    Well, did my first long dive on my meg at the weekend, dived the camberwell out of portsmouth. We had a good 8m vis, loads of lobsters full of eggs (so this wreck will have oodles of them soon) and the silt on the wreck has moved a little exposing more of the wreck and various shiny items...
1-3 of 3 Results