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  1. Trip Reports
    Early in November (2013) I was in Scapa diving out of MV Valkyrie with Aberdeen Watersports. WWI wrecks, guns and a lot of food! http://dytis.wordpress.com/2014/01/23/diving-scapa-flow-with-aberdeen-watersports-out-of-mv-valkyrie/ Apologies in advance. Can not write short blog posts :)...
  2. Trip Reports
    Manchester Diving Group had a week on the Valkyrie in Shetland. It's was a brilliant trip. Hazel sorted out a great itinerary for us, Helen cooked fantastic food, and Rob did all the other bits to make the diving go smoothly. I didn't do every dive, but the ones I did were all good -...
  3. Surface Interval
    One of our divers found this while off for a scallop dive the other day. It stands about 3-4 inches high, is ceramic and has a number stamped into the base. We thought some sort of light fitting, but does anyone else have a better idea? (click on image for larger version)
  4. Trip Reports
    I went diving today and it was great! I did the classic of forgetting how deep I was (and I was on a single :eek: ), getting carried away with the camera and ended up with a whole lot more stops than I ever would have wanted to do! Still came up with 70bar so no problems there.... The dive...
  5. Surface Interval
    Just a quick thank you for everyone who voted for us in the liveaboard of the year category 2009 as published in the latest Diver Magazine :) We didnt win but its amazing for us to get a mention amongst so many big names such as Blueo2, Grand Sea Serpent, VIP One and Sea Spirit. Extra cake...
1-5 of 5 Results