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  1. Tek-Talk
    Available for download @ http://techdivingmag.com/ Contents: * Temperature & DCS * Kobanya * Namibian Diving * Diving Fads * VPM-B: shaping the curve
  2. Surface Interval
  3. Dive Medicine & Fitness
    Hi guys, Whilst on a recent trip to Malta I began to suffer from hay fever symptoms. I purchased some Piriteze (cetirizene hydrochloride) and the symptoms abated. I would normally use a Loratidine based tablet, but thought it may be good to mix things up and try an alternative for a change...
  4. Surface Interval
    What: Dry dive in the London hyperberic chamber (down to 40m) When: 12 March 2010 (start time to be confirmed) Why: Find out how narked you get in a safe environment. Where: http://www.londonhyperbaric.com/contact-us/london-chamber London Hyperberic Chamber Whipps Cross University Hospital...
1-4 of 4 Results