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  1. Decompression Diving
    Hi guys, I have just found a link to the BSAC tables, '88s and Nitrox! BSAC '88 / Nitrox Decompression Tables (download torrent) - TPB Enjoy.
  2. I Learned About Diving From That...
    Hey all. Have you ever had one of those 'join the dots' moments? I had one last month & I thought somebody else may learn from my research. I paid a visit to a hyperbaric chamber a while ago in the Wirral and was told that the reason many of us get tired after a dive is that, when under...
  3. Personal Adverts
    Looking for a apeks green nitrox reg, preferably DIN, don't mind which variant, but would prefer xtx style Thanks
  4. Inspiration & Evolution Rebreathers
    Sold Inspiration Vision Full Trimix Hello For Sale Inspiration Vision Full Trimix with - Full Trimix - Tempstick - ADV - Harness M - Counterlungs M Color Black/Gray - Lifting Bar - Oxy et Diluent cylinders requalified in June 2011 The unit is in excellent conditions. Price is 4500...
  5. Personal Adverts
    Preferably with case. Don't mind if it needs new cell or battery, provided the asking price reflects this & it's otherwise in working order. TIA
  6. Tek-Talk
    Good Morning All, I was hope to get some feedback on the O2EII, specifically the compensation chart that we attached to the lanyard. Does anyone use it? If so, how useful is it? If not, why not? We are looking at making a coupld of changes, and there is no better feedback than the users...
  7. Training Forum
    :confused:Ok, YD massive, have hit a bit of a snag. Background: Im PADI AOW booked on a Wreck course in Scapa on 23 August. Was advised to tag on the Nitrox course for an extra £110 !!!! to give me more bottom time during the Wreck course. After some valuable advice from YDers, it was...
  8. Tek-Talk
    Following an 18 month hiatus, the UK franchise of IANTD (International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers) has been bought by the dream team behind the revitalised Vobster Quay - Martin and Amy Stanton. “In the early 90’s when Kevin Gurr set up IANTD UK, it was the first technical diver...
1-8 of 8 Results