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  1. Personal Adverts
    Looking for an Apeks ATX40 second stage octopus as the title suggests, and hoping someone has one lying around! :)
  2. Personal Adverts
    Hi everyone,I've got the following items for sale: Cressi Travelight BCD, ladies size XS, 3 years old, very good used condition, has done under 80 dives and has always been looked after, serviced, rinsed after every dive and carefully stored. Comes with a Cressi storage pouch, an octopus...
  3. Personal Adverts
    Hi all, I have two pre-owned 3950 Poseidon Cyklons for sale. They are a couple of years old, one careful owner, great condition, used for cave diving, never had any issues with them. They were fully serviced by Angus Servicing in Feb 2014 and not used since, are in sealed bags they came in...
  4. Regulators and Cylinders
    Hiya, So I was advised today to change my regulator configuration, which is as it was when i bought it (2nd hand), so had no reason to believe it might be incorrect. But Id be interested in peoples view? So from my regulator currently both 1st Stage and Octopus are set to come around my right...
  5. Regulators and Cylinders
    Hi Guys, Im fairly new to owning my own equipment so please forgive this question.... I have an APEKS 1st Stage, Regulator, Octopus and Gauges, (similar to that in this advert) Note this isn't my ad. I don't particularly feel the need to replace these right now, but I did buy them 2nd hand...
  6. Regulators and Cylinders
    Hi Guys, I currently dive on twin indi 12s. A couple of years ago I had a major reg failure, the short version is both sets failed and I got my self 11 hours in the company of the medical team at the Midlands re-compression chamber! They were taken to divers warehouse and Stuart said...
  7. Ebay Listings
    Sherwood Blizzard Regulator Set | eBay Please click on link above MINT CONDITION - only used a couple of times Sherwood Blizzard Full Regulator Set including: - Sherwood Blizzard 1st and 2nd stage; A clamp; Environmentally Sealed; Perfect for use in UK; All bungs included - Sherwood Octopus...
  8. Ebay Listings
    Apeks ATX50 regulator on braided 70cm hose Apeks ATX50 regulator on NEW 70cm braided hose | eBay
  9. Personal Adverts
    Hi, I'm looking for a Scubapro S550 please if anyone has one spare? Must post to Portugal. Thanks
  10. Personal Adverts
    Hi, I have 2 Poseidon first stages (2980) that have both been recently serviced (I can send you the pics) and 2 x Poseidon A-clamps. The first stages have 1 x HP port and 4 x LP ports. Used with Cyklons (not included) they have been used on deco bottles only (but have been very well looked...
  11. Personal Adverts
    Hello, For sale here is a currently unused mk16 and R295 (hose inc.), mk16 in good condition but hasn't been used for a year or so. R295 has a few scrapes and scuffed edges but functions perfectly well. £50 posted for the pair, PM me if you're interested. Thanks
  12. Personal Adverts
    For Sale – Selling on behalf of a family member who has given up instructing. **** UPDATED LIST SHOWN BELOW **** NOW WITH REDUCED PRICES ON SOME ITEMS **** SEE PAGE 4 FOR PADI TEACHING MATERIAL LIST **** Loads of Dive Gear, most used (been cleaned/rinsed after every dive, well maintained) and...
  13. Personal Adverts
    Looking for a apeks green nitrox reg, preferably DIN, don't mind which variant, but would prefer xtx style Thanks
  14. Personal Adverts
    brand new apeks ds4 for sale. Never been used. £95.00 +p&p
  15. Personal Adverts
    To fit Apeks ATX40 and DS4 (3/8" UNF I believe) 7ft / 2m hose required for my primary second stage. Beaver ones are only 20quid from Divers Warehouse, but I'll give this a couple of days incase someone has a spare!! Cheers Si
  16. Personal Adverts
    Hi thegreendiver here, having just started down the tecky route I find myself in need of a Poseidon first stage please. I just missed the end of one on eBay that went for £30 (my high bid was £28) so if you have a spare and would be happy to take that sort of money please let me know. The best...
  17. Personal Adverts
    Apeks XTX 200 Select Regulator For Sale. Reduced Price. Hi All, Just before i post this Reg onto Ebay, i thought i would post here again to see if anybody has an offer for the reg.. Cheers Mike Hi All, I have reduced the price of this regulator to the lowest price i would accept. Hopefully...
  18. Personal Adverts
    Up for sale are my spare set of regs. Only £200. I will consider serious offers. They comprise of an Aqualung Legend Supreme first stage(A-Clamp), plus second stage and an Aqualung Titan LX Octopus. As you can see from the picture they are in very good condition, have been serviced regularly...
1-18 of 18 Results