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    Northern Diver Cortex size large, 9/10 boots with knife and inflater hose - £120 Oceanic Shadow shortie 5mm size large (near new) - £40 Beaver Marbella size large 5-7mm -£30 Beaver Stealth mask (used once, didn't like tinted lens) - £30 Happy to post at buyers expense. Please comment of PM for...
  3. Personal Adverts
    Having a bit of a clear out and have some spare gear to sell: Beaver Icelandic Two-Piece Semi-Dry Wetsuit - £90 (+postage) Two piece suit (long suit + short over-suit) Colour - Black with purple edges Size - Women's S M (fits UK size 8-12) Double seals on wrists and ankles with titanium...
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    For sale: Ladies Size 5 Mares Evolution Semi Dry Suit. Worn no more than 5 times and in perfect condition. This suit consists of 2 pieces a full length semi dry and a shorty making it extremely versatile and very comfortable. This is a warm suit and has been used for winter sea diving with great...
  5. Wetsuits, Drysuits & Undersuits
    My old semi-dry has just about had it and need a new one. I have a scubapro nova scotia but don't really want another. Just want to know who recommends what? Been looking at the waterproof W2, fourth element proteus, cressi atlantis, mares isotherm deluxe. Anybody got them and happy? When I dive...
1-5 of 5 Results