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  1. Introductions
    I am new in this community and also with the hobby. I am a 25 years old teacher and diving is my hobby v=because I like underwater photography, I have 2 kids, I am afraid of sharks but like seeing them from apart. I play basketball I also do have a reef tank.I really love the ocean. Hope to...
  2. Wildlife & Ecology Issues
    Dear divers, Please sign this petition to ask ministers of European Parliament to vote for the sharks to be landed with their fins naturally attached, closing the finning loopholes – with no exceptions! Click here to find out more and sign...
  3. Introductions
    Hi all I am currently an enthusiastic snorkeler, working my way through an open water diving course in Mossel Bay, South Africa. I moved here from Edinburgh to work as a field assistant on a Great White Shark research & education programme. I've seen some amazing sights out here, including...
  4. Planned Trips & Spare Spaces
    Hi We are due to fly out on Friday. We understand there were restrictions in place regarding diving & snorkelling a few days ago. Is this still the case? Will we be able to snorkel and if so where? thanks Fiona & Tim
  5. Surface Interval
    THE Global environmentally friendly digital diving magazine with a difference! Mouthwatering images, beautifully laid out with original stories. It's free, it makes you think and it's online. http://www.xray-mag.com/Issuearchive XRay covers diving all over the World. Some of the main feature...
  6. Underwater Video & Photography
    This clip shows young guys in just shorts and vests diving into a pool with sharks, and then trying to swim across as fast as possible before the shark spots them! insane. British Pathe - "'WARE SHARKS!" I'd find it scary just being in a cage I think.
1-6 of 6 Results