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  1. Wetsuits, Drysuits & Undersuits
    How did old-time divers using the air suits with metal helmets get back to the surface if their equipment was so heavy?
  2. Personal Adverts
    Hello, For sale here is my spare drysuit (I need money for transport to instructor courses!); an Otter drysuit, stock size XL (see photo of interior label), I have size 12 feet and the boots fit quite nicely, still includes original bag, the suit is in very good condition really except a couple...
  3. Personal Adverts
    For sale: Ladies Size 5 Mares Evolution Semi Dry Suit. Worn no more than 5 times and in perfect condition. This suit consists of 2 pieces a full length semi dry and a shorty making it extremely versatile and very comfortable. This is a warm suit and has been used for winter sea diving with great...
  4. Personal Adverts
    Hi, Anyone have a spare/not needed CEJN type drysuit inflation nipple...? Need one asap!!! Can give you a few £ via paypal no probs...
  5. Personal Adverts
    Oceanic shadow titanium WETSUIT Oceanic Shadow Titanium - Divernet Pretty much new condition only problems i have noticed are one of the wrist seals has come off a bit not off the suit just some adhesive showing and a slight dimple on the suit from where it has been folded the suit is 5mm thick...
1-5 of 5 Results