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  1. Personal Adverts
    Looking to get into twins so will need the following A decent Wing S/S Back plate Harness Apexs DST or DS4 1st's XTX50 2nds Drop me a line if you have one for sale. Thanks Mav
  2. Other Dive Equipment
    Hi, am thinking of getting one of these. Am after advice from anyone who owns and uses a Buddy self sealing DSMB (without the crack bottle) and who doesn't use oral inflate(entanglement hazard) or purge button (free flow hazard) to inflate. How do you do it please? I can only think by using wing...
  3. Tek-Talk
    The sixth issue of Tech Diving Mag is available for download at http://www.techdivingmag.com Contents: A team-building exercise: techdiving 101 Oxygen and the diver Book review: The Darkness Below Let’s talk about… the S word Diving Pioneers & Innovators: A Series of In-Depth Interviews (Bret...
  4. Wreck Diving
    Technical divers pay their respects to the fallen sailors and soldiers of the HMS Repulse. South China Seas, Singapore. Shortly after the outbreak of war in the Pacific on 8 December 1941, the HMS Repulse left Singapore in company with the other major element of the Eastern Fleet...
1-4 of 4 Results