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  1. Personal Adverts
    As above, it's the one with the monster 13.5Ah battery, goodman handle and thumb loop. It has wet connectors so you can use it to power a heated vest during deco or simultaneously with a Y connector. NiMh pack always on trickle and still at >90% capacity, burns forever. Bulb strikes first time...
  2. Personal Adverts
    Halcyon Canister light. This is the longer life version with '9hr burn time' when new. New HID bulb fitted mid 2012 - only about 20 dives done since. Always charged to instructions before and after each dive - the battery life is still very good. Got me through several weekends diving without...
  3. Torches
    Hey all, Just wondering if people have any experience with the xre1000? I've in the past used the xre400, that was kindly lent to me by a friend and now I need to get my own. So if people could offer there experience/views on the xre1000 I'd be very happy to hear them.
  4. Underwater Video & Photography
    My D4 torch flooded recently and most of the reflector paint came off. Is it possible to re-paint it, rather than buy a complete unit, and if so what with? Lorraine
  5. Torches
    Sorry for repeat post but cant seem to update the title of earlier thead so thought it was worth posting complete version (slightly revised). I have been looking at more powerful lighting options for some time now having grown tired of my popular 230 lumen torch, but quickly found that the...
  6. Personal Adverts
    Due to changes in life due to a baby on the way, I am sadly selling most of my dive gear. Up first is my torch - Halcyon explorer 9/21watt HID (see halycon.net for exact details) It goes without saying this is one of the better torches on the market and will always perform as expected. The...
  7. Torches
    Hi looking for a new main torch .....uk diving 20-50m wrecks generally. I had a Barbolight and found it pretty good. It had a beam angle about 6 deg. Not too pecil like but not a great spread. I'm looking at a torch with an angle of 12deg (1200lumen LED) but as I cannot borrow to use - does...
  8. Personal Adverts
    FOR SALE: I live in Chapel Allerton, Leeds. If you can come collect any of the items below and pay cash I will accept any reasonable offers. If you require photos please give your email address and I can email them (too large file sizes to fit on here). Beaver Miniature Tool Kit - 2...
  9. Personal Adverts
    For sale is my little used greenforce torch. It's the hybrid 8 so allows use of 8 pencil size battery's. All bags included along with a umbilical and both handles. 1 for use without the umbilical and one with. There is also a greenforce towel. Looking for £200 ovno plus postage. Before it goes...
  10. Personal Adverts
    Hi, I'm looking for a backup style light, something bright and reliable. I'd prefer a rechargable battery. Something similar to a light-for-me XML backup. Based in Bristol. Budget around £60ish but flexible. Cheers!
  11. Personal Adverts
    Hi there, For sale is my old back-up torch, A Hollis LED3 complete with box, great power in this torch and it is in good condition, with only a bit of the paint scraped off. £30 posted 1st class, payment by bank transfer or Paypal please, PM me for more info Thanks, Neil
  12. Personal Adverts
    Kowalski LED focus torch for sale, colour red/black. £70 or make me an offer.
  13. Personal Adverts
    If somebody is selling a canister light (LED, HID, bright, Goodman handle), in good condition, please PM me with spec's and pictures! Cheers!
  14. Personal Adverts
    Hi there! I just thought I'd put it up here, just in case somebody would want to sell their 2nd hand lights over the winter. I am looking at buying two MB-Sub VB Cave lights (complete, i.e. canister, head, cable, charger and goodman handle). PM me, should anybody want to get rid of one or two...
  15. Personal Adverts
    For sale Underwater Kinetics c4 eLED in bright Yellow It is a 200 lumen LED lamp, using 4 x C cells. Divers Warehouse sell these for £100. This has bearly been used, excellent condition. Looking for 50 quid, offers considered, delivered to UK or collect from near Skipton. Cheers Simon
  16. Personal Adverts
    NOW SOLD Thanks for Looking For Sale **SALVO 21 Watt HID Canister Torch New Type Lithium Battery ** Classic "Light sabre" Variable focus head Very little use, I got it as a back up when I was diving alot , used a few times. Newer Torch with the Ballast in the battery compartment, so the...
  17. Torches
    Hi all, I was given an old Solus SU-500 prototype torch a few years ago in exchange for taking some photos for their web site. You can see it in the pictures below. It has a removable battery pack as I believe they were still developing the 'thru-the-case' charging points at the time. It's not...
  18. Torches
    Hello All, Just thought I should post this advice for any umbilical torch owners out there. I own a Metalsub battery pack model PR1209 and should have been getting about 110m burn time from it. Due to an "incident" resulting in sudden immediate discharge underwater the cells were damaged and I...
  19. Torches
    :embarasseWhen providing kit buying advice to junior and more senior divers, I pride myself on providing good sound, unbiased, vendor independent advice. I generally limit my advice to individuals rather that the masses on forums. Today however, I have found that some of my advice/opinion(s) are...
1-19 of 19 Results