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  1. Regulators and Cylinders
    Hi All, A question for you sidemount divers. Which is preferable for sidemount diving in UK open water (mostly from a BSAC club RIB)? A pair of lightweight Faber 7 litre 232 bar cylinders or heavier BTS 8.5 litre 232 bar cylinders? The Fabers will be positively buoyant when empty where the BTSs...
  2. Tek-Talk
    Hi Guys, Here's a random question - before I go and do a weight check thought I would ask if anyone knows a calculation or a decent guide to a weight check with twins. I'm 16st, been diving with a 15ltr Steel Faber, Dry suit and usually carry 12Kg on a belt and 2x 1kg trim weights in my BCD...
1-2 of 2 Results