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  1. Ebay Listings
    Twinset Scuba Rig Ready To Dive On Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Twinset-Scuba-Rig-Ready-To-Dive/254473499932?
  2. Personal Adverts
    Halycon Twinset x12 euro flat bottom + weights £350 Hello For sale twinset that just been serviced (Dec 2019, costed me £190 or O2 clean + visual + service + fill), tanks manufacturer date are 2012 (bought in Feb 2013) , in test and O2 clean till March 2021, next hydro in June 2022 valves and...
  3. Personal Adverts
    Quality twin set set up with double barrel O rings. Wide superior stainless bands with quality valves all serviced and ready to go. You can find more information here. https://www.dirdirect.com/7L-Eurocylinders-Twinset-232-Bar.html Note mine are FABER cylinders with Air Brokk valves and...
  4. BCDs / Wings
    I've noted on my axiom BC that it supports twin cylinders. The accessories for such look quite hard to find. Has anyone tried to set up twins with this BC before, where would be best to find the 'Aqua Lung Twin Tank Kit'?
  5. Personal Adverts
    I have a set of 300 bar Faber twin 7s for sale. Great nick, just repainted and only dived a couple of times since. MDE Manifold, Custom diver bands, Full test, sand blast and re-paint Feb 2014. Based in Manchester £300 ONO Cheers, Jack Pics
  6. Personal Adverts
    After long and careful consideration I am giving up diving. Sadly my kit is just sitting there and I'm finding I just don't have the time for it anymore. I can offer collection from: Guildford Basingstoke Morden Foundation Park, Maidenhead Some items I may be willing to post, but the final...
  7. Personal Adverts
    Hi all, Im after a 12L twinset. Must be in test and in good nick. Please can you provide photos if you reply. Cheers All!
  8. Personal Adverts
    I've acquired a set of twin 7s but they don't have twinning bands. Does anybody have a set they'd part with so these tanks can get some use? Cheers, Jack.
  9. Regulators and Cylinders
    Hi I'm trying to put together a second-hand ebay 7L twinset, which seemed a bargain at the time, that I collected (knowingly) disassembled and with out-of-test cylinders. I've had the cylinders serviced, but the isolation bar I have seems to be too long. I hope you can see in the photos, with...
  10. Personal Adverts
    Hi All, For sale are my twin Faber 7's. I bought them in March last year from GoDive. Used only in fresh water (about 30 dives). O2 cleaned until 07/2013. Manufactured in 02/2012. They are in very good condition (some minor scuffs) and come with an MDE isolation manifold and CD bands. Let me...
  11. Personal Adverts
    Hi, I'm looking for a 12 litre eurocylinder twinset with Halcyon manifold. Preferably conclave/ flat-bottomed. I'm fairly flexible on travel for collection - South East, South West(ish), Midlands, North West(ish) - Cash waiting for a decent set at a sensible price
  12. Ebay Listings
    Hi all. Thought I'd post this here to broaden my options.. I'm selling my twin 10s. As you can see they're manifolded together and have steel twinning bands connected by M8 threads. The cylinders were hydrostatically tested and O2 cleaned in November 2011 at NDAC. Which means they are...
  13. Personal Adverts
    Hey peeps, Im after a decent twinset and wing setup, twin 7's or 10's. I can buy cash or I have available: 2x 12l 232 cylinders Oxycheq Dive Ops Recon2 Sidemount Rig with all the bells and whisltes (twin bladders/inflation, bunjees, cylinder kits etc) - Brand spanking new and only used in...
  14. Personal Adverts
    I'm looking for a set of banded and manifolded 12s that are in test. Anywhere in the Cardiff, Bristol NDAC area I can come and look. Cheers Peter
  15. Personal Adverts
    Wing size small, regs as well if poss Leicester area [email protected]
  16. Personal Adverts
    Again, a quick punt on here before it goes on flea bay C45 wing, a 20kg lift "360 degree" or "donut" wing. Makes for a more stable diver friendly platform. You will never go back to a horse shoe wing again! S25 single cylinder wing. 25lbs of lift is perfect for single cylinder dives! Hollis...
  17. Regulators and Cylinders
    I'm putting a twinset (Euro 12s) together and want something to lift it by which isn't the manifold! I need some help deciding between a twin valve protector or a lift bar. Is there much difference? Does anyone find a valve protector gets in the way of the valves when doing shutdowns? Thanks
  18. Other Dive Equipment
    A little bit of advice needed here :) My old heisers are looking rather tired and I would like a new twinset. I am looking to get a set of the flat/concave bottomed ones as they have very similar buoyancy/trim characteristics to my heisers. The various places who sell them offer a halcyon...
  19. Personal Adverts
    Hi Folks I’m looking for a set of twin manifolded 7s or very similar. I live in south Wales but can travel or arrange collection from UK mainland. Cheers Peter
  20. Personal Adverts
    I'm flying back to Oz after a quick trip to Scapa Flow. So I'm selling off all the stuff I can't carry back home. I'm based in Hither Green, London. I can deliver the twinset, you just have to pay for my Streetcar hire to get from me to you (and back). Or if you are on the way back from...
1-20 of 23 Results