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  1. Torches
    I'm looking at repairing a JMD LED umbilical torch that flooded. I don't have the model number, but it looks like one of these: I need to get in at the LEDs. I've opened the rest and cleaned it up. I have some trapped water in among the LEDs and want to get that cleaned out as soon as...
  2. Personal Adverts
    As above, it's the one with the monster 13.5Ah battery, goodman handle and thumb loop. It has wet connectors so you can use it to power a heated vest during deco or simultaneously with a Y connector. NiMh pack always on trickle and still at >90% capacity, burns forever. Bulb strikes first time...
  3. Torches
    Looking around at umbilical torches. Anyone any opinions on the JMD B21 ?
  4. Personal Adverts
    If somebody is selling a canister light (LED, HID, bright, Goodman handle), in good condition, please PM me with spec's and pictures! Cheers!
  5. Personal Adverts
    NOW SOLD Thanks for Looking For Sale **SALVO 21 Watt HID Canister Torch New Type Lithium Battery ** Classic "Light sabre" Variable focus head Very little use, I got it as a back up when I was diving alot , used a few times. Newer Torch with the Ballast in the battery compartment, so the...
1-5 of 5 Results