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  1. Wildlife & Ecology Issues
    At Kenna Eco Diving we have been collaborating with OCEAN2012 on influencing the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy for the past 3 years. We have now reached a crucial stage upon which MEPs will vote on 6th February. It is vital for MEPs to realise how strongly the public feels about the...
  2. Wildlife & Ecology Issues
    Diving on the Costa Brava, if we look very closely at the small single celled alga Acetabularia mediterranea, known as Mermaid’s cup, we may find on the cup an amazing tiny animal with a rare and special ability. Many divers mistake it for a nudibranch but it is actually a sacoglossan, a...
  3. Wildlife & Ecology Issues
    The first ITV1 prog in Hugh's Fish Fight series, shown last night, really highlighted the huge waste of tons of good fish in the North Sea due to the crazy CFP quota system that makes massive discards legally unavoidable. To ensure that the current CFP review results in sane, equitable and...
  4. Wildlife & Ecology Issues
    You can read the report on our EcoDive volunteer activities in the Med here SILMAR Project Report for 2009
1-5 of 5 Results