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  1. Tek-Talk
    Just to let you know that a free, Lite version of #Ultimate_Planner has been released. Download your copy @ www.techdivingmag.com/ultimateplanner.html
  2. Tek-Talk
    Available for download @ http://techdivingmag.com/ Contents: * Temperature & DCS * Kobanya * Namibian Diving * Diving Fads * VPM-B: shaping the curve
  3. Tek-Talk
    Ultimate Planner version 1.4 is now available. What's new: 1. Enhancement and calibration for the no-fly acceleration algorithm. 2. Enhancement for the Dec-12 halftime set. 3. Added new model (ZH-L16D) for colder dives (based on Buhlmann's recommendations). 4. Now Ultimate Planner works fine...
1-3 of 3 Results