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    Hey Guys, while diving in Weasel loch yesterday, my beloved Suunto Vyper computer was swept off my arm by wave action. Being a student i dont have the budget for a new one and I'm unlikely to for a fair while, if anyone finds it I will be most grateful and will find some form of reward...
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    This is a great computer from Suunto with a bunch of cool features: wireless air pressure integration, built in compass etc. The computer is about 2 years old and is working absolutely fine. The battery of the VyperAIR was changed about 20 dives ago (Novemer 2011). The battery of the...
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    The quest for ever shinier things continues, (OSTC will be on the way when I can raise some funds) so..... Vyper Air plus extras was 6 weeks old when I got it and I've put about 50 dives on it. I'll throw in two spare battery and o-ring kits and a DSS bungee mount (no picture as I need to find...
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    Hi Selling this almost new computer, needs a good home...... Suunto Vyper Air Dive Computer with Warranty | eBay UK Happy to look at sensible offers £220 + No Transmitter included. ( These are £100 + on their own )
1-4 of 4 Results