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    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section. As the title might suggest I'm looking for a pair of gaiters, I'm not 100% sure what size I would need but I'm using a Azdry CP1 Pro in size Large/Wide. Thanks Kingboom4
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    Hi Guys (& Gals) my first post on here and its a Friday so lets see how it goes.. So I have spent ALOT of time configuring my new BP/W and its at the point where I'm quite happy, But one issue I cannot decide is weather it is safer to carry my weight on a standard weight belt (underneath my...
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    Beaver TECH Weight System 1Kg & 2Kg Lead Shot Pouches - 10Kg in total 4x 2Kg Beaver Tech Weight System @ £10ea (£5 per Kg) 2x 1Kg Beaver Tech Weight System @ £5ea £50 for the lot. Free to collect, I live in Warminster which is 20mins from Vobster Quay, I work in Swindon and often visit...
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    Hi Guys, Here's a random question - before I go and do a weight check thought I would ask if anyone knows a calculation or a decent guide to a weight check with twins. I'm 16st, been diving with a 15ltr Steel Faber, Dry suit and usually carry 12Kg on a belt and 2x 1kg trim weights in my BCD...