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    Hi, I have a year old Buddy Tekwing, I am looking to swap it for a Trident. If anyone is interested i have photos at request. I also have a VR3 (c3) open for descent offers? Hope to hear from you soon Regards Lamby
  3. Ebay Listings
    EDIT: Sold - Thanks all that were interested and took part in bidding. Hi all, Just wanted to attract some more attention to my ebay listing for my Zeagle wing. Please follow the link below, many thanks...
  4. Personal Adverts
    Hi Guys the following is for sale Hollis HD100 BCD/wing. Fantastic bit of kit and done less that 20 dives. looking for £200
  5. Personal Adverts
    I have a lightly used dive rite rec wing that is no longer used due to not using a single cylinder set up that often any more. Can be used for twinset diving but not recommended for carrying deco stage cylinders due to lift. looking for around £100. Sensible offers considered. Pictures...
  6. Personal Adverts
    Bought brand new 8 weeks complete with stainless steel back plate. I bought this very nice piece of kit with intention of pursuing with twins. However on a bright Sunday morning in Capernwray it was going to get its 1st dive until I bumped into Garry Dallas and decided to have a blast at...
  7. Personal Adverts
    Hello, I'm looking at getting the frog indigo wing, but unfortunately I can't afford to buy it new as I'm a student. Does anyone know of anyone selling one secondhand at all? ( hopefully the complete set: wing, bp, harness and single tank adapter) Thank you
  8. Personal Adverts
    Hi all. selling my Hollis HD 100 wing. £300 RRP = £500!! info on it here http://www.divelife.co.uk/scuba-manufacturers/Hollis-Gear/2095/Hollis-HD100-Wing-System does singles and have managed twin 10's on twinning bands Any questions drop me an email [email protected]
  9. Personal Adverts
    Hi, Backplate is now sold. Only wing available, selling for £250. Regards, Ian
  10. Personal Adverts
    For sale a complete Custom Divers TCW dual bladder wing + back plate + CD UNO one-piece harness; there are also some associated Custom Diver accessories. All items are in excellent condition,The wing is approximately 3 years old and has seen very little use. The harness hasn't been cut to size...
  11. Introductions
    Well, I'm told I should introduce myself here so here goes.. I'm David, from the University of Bristol Underwater Club (est. 1960!) currently a Sports Diver and just attended an IFC. Started learning to dive about a year ago with UBUC in order to assist on some research diving on the Great...
  12. Personal Adverts
    Hey peeps, Im after a decent twinset and wing setup, twin 7's or 10's. I can buy cash or I have available: 2x 12l 232 cylinders Oxycheq Dive Ops Recon2 Sidemount Rig with all the bells and whisltes (twin bladders/inflation, bunjees, cylinder kits etc) - Brand spanking new and only used in...
  13. Personal Adverts
    Halcyon Infinity Wing 40 lbs, with single tank connector, single tank connector removable weight, weight pockets on the side, comfort padding, cinch system, ......new price around 650 GBP or 800 euro. Every reasonable offer is taken in consideration. Shipping from Belgium
  14. Personal Adverts
    Hello, For sell Donut 28 lbs with inox backplate 6mm (5,1Kgs), harness and STA 0 dives. Price: 400€ Regards
  15. Personal Adverts
    Hi there! I have some surplus equipment in my garage that I am selling: OMS Wing Set OMS Single Wing 32lbs with power inflator OMS stainless steel backplate Two OMS Tank Bands with stainless steel Cam Buckles OMS Comfort Harness (fully adjustable) OMS Back Pad (with storage compartment for...
  16. Personal Adverts
    Halcyon Evolve Bladder, 40 lbs ,like new (only 3 dives, no saltwater!!!, newprice between 420 and 480 euro) Asking 320 euro. Personal Filter : 40 euro Din-Int adapters : 15 euro each Twinning set (cam bands for D7- D12 : 40 euro (extra twinning valves together with the twinning set : 60 euro...
  17. Personal Adverts
    Again, a quick punt on here before it goes on flea bay C45 wing, a 20kg lift "360 degree" or "donut" wing. Makes for a more stable diver friendly platform. You will never go back to a horse shoe wing again! S25 single cylinder wing. 25lbs of lift is perfect for single cylinder dives! Hollis...
  18. Personal Adverts
    Sensible offers before it goes on flea bay. Hollis SMS100 wing. Around 2 years old, but well cared for and just serviced. Unmodified and complete with bolt snaps and cam bands. As I say, sensible offers please as these are over £600 rrp new.
  19. BCDs / Wings
    Right, I'm a newbie. I'm looking to start collecting gear and from what a lot of you are saying I need to be heading for a wing. I need a fully adjustable quick release harness I need to be able to take it on my holls as well. I've seen a sopras sub travel but can't find any info on this site...
  20. Personal Adverts
    FOR SALE: Mares Origin Sport. With integrated weight pouches and Mares "Air Trim" bouyancy control... If you have concerns about switching to the "Air Trim" then please speak to someone who dives with it... It is so simple to finetune the air in your BC to maintain constant volume. Main...
1-20 of 26 Results