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  1. Tek-Talk
    The new issue of #Tech_Diving_Mag is available for download @ www.techdivingmag.com Contents: * Dehydration * The Rhone: A Wreck for the Ages * IANTD Expedition Regina Margherita 2016 * Cave and Wreck Exploration Tips * Shipwrecks of Lake Erie: Book Review
  2. Planned Trips & Spare Spaces
    Morning all, Im looking for a resource where I can get the decking plan for the Moldavia out of Littlehampton, W. Sussex. I would like to be able to build up a picture of how she was constructed, where the various floors were, engine rooms, etc. Im a little short of Goggling search parameters...
  3. Trip Reports
    It was 2004 when I first read about diving in Bikini and wanted to go diving there ever since It took me the best part of 10 years! but I did dived the wrecks of Operation Crossroads last June With Pete Mesley's Lust 4 Rust Trip report below: http://wp.me/pXFyb-cs It is an epic trip and...
  4. Wreck Diving
    You might have seen the news reports earlier in the year about the recently discovered flying boat wrecks out from Oban. We believe it to be a Catalina and Sunderland and will conduct further investigations. Please see the first pics and video from the wreck sites here...
  5. Wreck Diving
    There is a very interesting marine archaeology exhibition in Girona on the Deltebre I, a British ship that sank in the Peninsular War in 1813. The artifacts are in an amazing state of preservation as they have been buried in silt in the Ebro delta. The marine archaeologists can only work on...
  6. Underwater Video & Photography
    Hi there! Just wanted to share my videos from the Balic sea, around the island of Bornholm. Hope you enjoy ;-) https://vimeo.com/home/myvideos
  7. Wreck Diving
    Dive catamaran Samuel Irvin 3 is ready for the season with planned wreck and reef diving, out of South Devon ports including the latest wreck the 2310 tonne MV Emsstrom, an ex-German Naval training ship, which sank under tow on Monday, January 14, approximately 2.5 nautical miles east by north...
  8. Planned Trips & Spare Spaces
    Red Sea 5*Liveaboard - dive SS Turkia + new wrecks - 11th to 18th January 2013 Fellow divers, Enjoy some sunshine and lets go wreck diving! New to the forum and hoping that some of you may be interested in joining a 'Red Sea Wreck Discovery' trip I've arranged for the New Year. It's a bit...
  9. Surface Interval
    I'm starting to think about getting a decent wreck reel for lining off and SMB. Does anyone have any advice on what features etc to look for or any actual recommendations? Cheers!
  10. Wreck Diving
    When diving in Scapa on Karlshrue I came across some odd looking wreckage. Any idea what it is? Link to larger photo 1 Link to larger photo 2
  11. Wreck Diving
    Hi Everyone, just wanted to let everyone know about the Scapa Flow photo competition (which closes 30th April 2012!) There haven't been many entries and yet there are some are some great prizes up for grabs, including 2 weeks of diving in Scapa as well as some other goodies from Fourth...
  12. Underwater Video & Photography
    Morning all, Just had a weekend with Harrogate BSAC onboard the Sound Diver out of Lochaline Dive Center. Spent most of the dives trying to take fancy photos with my new camera (IXUS 300 HS) but when it came to the Hispania I couldn't be bothered with all that faffing about so I got lazy and...
  13. Trip Reports
    On Thursday last week the small team ...ok.. buddy pair of our own Helen FH and Wayne (a good friend) managed to get a lunchtime dive to investigate a seabed feature just to the south of the island of Bressay in Shetland. The site was discovered on transit and logged by the sonar/computer combo...
  14. Looking for Buddies?
    Low neap tides and 2 slacks about 4 hours apart makes for 2 wrecks a day :-) If you're interested contact Nigel on [email protected] (please do not post reply as I will not have access). Cost is £47/day payable on the day. If you commit you will be expected to pay unless the skipper...
  15. Personal Adverts
    FOR SALE: Plastic 40m Ratchet Dive Reel I have for sale a black and yellow plastic ratchet dive reel for use with an DSMB, light wreck pen etc. Great condition and barely used as I generally use a finger spool. £10.00 + £3.50 P&P Alternatively feel free to collect from Warminster (20min from...
  16. Wreck Diving
    Hi All had a superb dive on U12 on Friday. For a full report see my blog. Here is a picture from the dive Cheers Mike
  17. Introductions
    I'm diving on the bulgarian and the romanian sea coast. Anyone interested? :shade:
  18. Surface Interval
    Hi All, here is the press release for my new book. Its due out at the end of September. I'm planning to launch the book at the Birmingham dive show and i have booked a room to show a presentation. I hope to see a lot of you there. Any questions that the release doesn't answer just let me know...
1-18 of 24 Results