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First up...diving after a drink. I know it's been done on the forum but mine hit me on the 2nd dive. Dehydrated cos it was my b'day the previous day. Surfaced after the second dive and after a few mins got tingly fingers and a numb face. 20 mins on 02 saw me right but a proper fright.

Second...Narcosis. Dropped down a line in murky water and had flooded my torch, (my fault). Got to about 15m and felt disorientated. Hit the floor at 25m and felt seriously out of it. Let go of the line and then made an immediate grab back for it. Signalled to my buddies I was calling the dive and ascending but that they should continue the dive together. They didn't!

They watched me all the way back to the surface. No problems and at 10m I felt in good shape. I also felt a little embarrassed at calling the dive but my buddies were there all the way back to the surface and the exit point. Good call by them!! :teeth:

And the morales for thse tales? 1. Don't drink and dive!! 2. Good buddies are like gold-dust and should be treasured the same way!!!!

Glad to hear you're ok! I've done the 'drink' thing, in the Maldives on my Honeymoon. Had a few Southern Comforts, and then a bottle of Champagne. Went to bed, didn't drink any water and then dived first thing in the morning. Boy did I suffer. In my defence though, I had only just qualified and didn't have a clue how stupid I'd been :embarassed:

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