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Just got back from quite a trip to say the least, can't get thart much more diverse in such sohort time (other than flying):

Sunday 22nd April
10h00 - Leave Northern Portugal, drive south hit the Algarve turn east go to Tarifa,Spain; 1200km 14 hours later.
Find small hotel, couple next door shagging for ages, can't go to sleep with all their screaming, and they went on for ages...

Catch the fast ferry to Tangiers Morroco. Had to bribe €50 to get the paperwork done for the car and an hour later I hit the road again.
400km later, avoiding Donkeys, overloaded trucks and goats I reach Meknes. I find a four start hotel near the Roman ruins of Volubilis for £40 night with pool. Better still the local beer that was nats piss was delicious after a hot dusty day.

Go to agricultural trade fair (reason for trip). Arrive early mon rning, not allowed in because king is visiting. Worse still they turn all mobile phone signals off whilst he is around. I visit the medina and get lost in the small isleways, have images of Al-Quaeda hanging around me looking for westerners like me! Somehow find way out and eat freshly slaughtered kid.
King left the fair, joined 1000's of local people for the fair. Bribed my way around and entered somehow with the mass crowds. Fair was nothing special so head back to hotel for the beer.
Head back to Tangier, many bribes later and near misses with Donkeys made my way back to Spain only to head to Gibraltar for another border crossing. Find hotel and have a nice pint of bitter.
A greasy spoon breakfast that gave me the splats more than any of the dodgy Morrocon stuff I ate! Do some duty free shopping only to learn that you have to haggle there, imagining haggling in a UK high street!:teeth: Go to top of the Rock to see the Apes, the little buggers stole my ice scream from my hand. It's too windy for any dives which makes me feel better as I didn't bring my kit in the first place. Leave early afternoon for 1,200km drive back home which I arrive at 3am. First thing I do this morning is log in to YD.:angel:

Great trip but it's quite a culture shock, especially as it was driving rather than flying which makes you realise how different the world is from nearby. There were three time zones, 3 currencies, 5 languages. the very poor Morrocco (but changed immensely since I last went 10 years ago) then the other extreme of Gibraltar.

Needless to say I quite exhausted but comtemplating a dive for tommorow...
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