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The regular DIR-UK boat has a couple of places this month, which we are looking to fill. The way this boat works is that we trust the skipper to determine the best wreck based on weather and tides etc, and just turn up on the day gassed for a 50 metre dive and jump in. The boat cost of £480 per day is split between the divers on the boat and we do 1 dive per day.

If anyone is interested in coming along, you can either come along as a buddy pair, or come along on your own and just jump in with an existing team as long as your plans are compatible. You do't have to be DIR, but it IS a DIR boat so there are a few house rules. We don't allow solo divers on the boat, and you must be trimix qualified and willing to adhere to an END of 30 metres. CCR people are welcome, although you might want to bring your own team mate as all the DIR mob will probably hide in the corner and point fearfully at the boxes of mystic sorcery :D

Run times are agreed with the skipper on the day, but most people typically do 60-90 minutes.

If you fancy a weekend of wreck diving with a mate, or fancy coming along on your own and jumping in with a DIR team and seeing how we plan and run dives, then just drop me a PM.

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