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Hello all,

Our man John Gulliver is a promoter of 3 finger mitts...and thanks to John..I am also.

If anyone needs any my local dive shop has 2-3 pairs left and I think he was happy when I bowled up and took a pair of his hands...or mitts should i say.

John can get some also and he was about to get some for me until I found these at my local dive shop. These are Oceanic 5mm...John can get Mares..you will nbeed to check with John the price he can get them at.

They were 46 EURO in Luxembourg...let me know now if u need them because I'm going on an expedition around cold water time so think ahead...its warm now but it won't be soon.

DONT FORGET...this is a favour not a service...

Graham aka kinetic...I dont hang around
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