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Today we did a tripple wreck dive out of Dover, The Laristan a 290" long and 42" beam, steam freighter sank in 1899 and sits 12m Proud in 31m, was where we tied off our shot line.

We then swam along a barge that sank touching her in 1942, then we cut accross the 10m to the Denbighshire which is a schooner that sunk in 1889. We then moved back accross to the Laristan and up the shot having had a quick look inside her.

The Laristan is very big and impressive although the fallen masts and other wreckage can make it difficult to suss out what you are looking at in places.

The Denbighshire is a clean wreck with large empty holds, and the barge is a typical barge, only made interesting by the sealife.

3 wrecks but the highlight - A Dogfish that swam a few circles around me, lots of other fish and crabs the size of dinner plates.

42min Dive to 31m and about 6m Vis, and i just got the boat back up the slip before the thunderstorm hit us.

Next weekend:- Neap tides so 2 wrecks each on of Sat and Sun, anyone care to join us?

Safe Diving

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