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As I'm no longer doing my IANTD course I have decided to sell my stage setup.
I've got a Luxfer 7Ltr Ali Stage bottle in yellow last tested 2009/04 so it still has a years worth of test on it. It is NOT o2 clean. Comes complete with stage rigging so it's ready to go. DIN fitting.

Also I have a set of Apex ATX50 nitrox regs (NOT M26 thread) . These will need servicing but work fine. No leaks or freeflows but I wouldn't want to do any serious work on them before servicing them first. The set up includes Apex DST First Stage, ATX50 Nitrox second stage and Beaver 400 Bar pressure gauge.

All together all you need to do is strap this baby on and you're ready to go and is a complete set up.

I'll post some pictures up in a bit but I'm off out in a few mins.

I'm after £200 no offers for the whole lot.
Collection from Stoney Cove or Dosthill.

I will not split yet, only if it doesn't sell within the next 7 days.
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