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Just seen this on Scubaboard and hadn't seen it here. Any other info around? Sounds like the search & Rescue was textbook stuff.

Divers spark rescue operation

18 August 2007 18:22

A major search and rescue operation was launched on Saturday afternoon after nine divers failed to surface from their dive on time.

Yarmouth Coastguard received an emergency call from two dive boats at 3pm, when boat crews were unable to locate the divers at their allotted surface time.

With deteriorating weather affecting visibility, Happisburgh Inshore Lifeboat was dispatched immediately, while Sheringham and Cromer Lifeboats were tasked as extra support.

A rescue helicopter from RAF Wattisham was also scrambled.

The Happisburgh Lifeboat located seven of the divers within 15 minutes and the remaining two were located 20 minutes later by the helicopter. They were picked up by the Sheringham Lifeboat.

All nine were taken ashore at Sea Palling before the boats and helicopter returned to their bases.

Peter Wheeler, watch manager, said the incident proved the importance of dive boats advising the Coastguard of their diving locations.

He said: “Earlier in the day the Sea Hawk had passed their intentions to us, so when problems arose we were already in possession of vital information and able to react more quickly.

“First class cooperation from all the agencies involved produced an excellent result.”

Edit: Found more on the BBC - seems calling into the coastguard worked, as expected.

BBC news said:
Lifeboats rescue nine lost divers
Nine divers have been rescued from the North Sea after their two support boats lost contact with them in deteriorating weather conditions.
Support crews off the north Norfolk coast raised the alarm on Saturday.

Great Yarmouth coastguard co-ordinated a search by lifeboats from Happisburgh and Sheringham. Seven of the divers were located within 15 minutes

Two were found 20 minutes later by a rescue helicopter. They were all picked up by lifeboats and returned to safety.

The coastguards praised the dive organisers for giving them details of plans before they set off.

They said it helped the rescue teams to react more quickly.
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