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Hi, I need to sell some items so that I can pay the bills and have been out of the game for a while.

I would be super grateful if one or more pepes would give me some idea of the value of these items either individually or as a set, so that I can sell them in the personal ads area. I have no idea what dive kit is worth anymore. Huge thanks in advance.

Oceanic Chute 2 (serviced & stored in a sealed box)
Scubapro Octopus (serviced and stored in warm dry airing cupboard) including:
2 x R380 regulators, matching first stage unsure of model but matches R380s perfectly, cos I could afford to at the time.
Suunto combination guage set (depth, pressure & compass)
Suunto Stinger (needs battery changing) working perfectly mid 2021

szd55pilot AT gmail.com
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