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If it helps, on twin 12s, 3mm steel backplate and a neoprene drysuit (Othree PBB undersuit) I need around 12lbs (5.5kgs, google says) of lead to stay down comfortably though I think I could possibly lose a little myself.

is it a compressed neo suit?

That sounds like a lot to me Gledders did a weight check with me and reackons I'm 2-3kg heavy with the same set up as you except I don't have any wieght!
I'm not the smallest person around I had to argue to get an HSE medical as I'm officioly clinicaly obease, I need to be 3 inches taller for my wieght(note I need to get taller not lose wieght).

I would suggest doing a proper wieght check you'd be suprised how much you can drop

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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