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<font color='#000080'>Have had a  unt around for bolt snaps as a fiver per snap is a bit steep.  Have found a couple of places where they are seriously cheap:


Go to the Deck Hardware- Shackles and carbines- Stainless snaps and toggles.  They do 90mm double ended polished bronze snaps for 1.32 and 90mm swivel snaps for 1.62 including VAT. If you go for the cheap delivery option when checking out they charge at cost (1.82 for my last order).

For all stainless give CSB lifting and marine a call on 0121559 5112- they don't have a website but I've just got their catalogue through and an all stainless 90mm snap with 25mm swivel is... wait for it... 2.20.  They also do suicide clips and caribiners if that's your thing.  Ooh- and 50mm stainless D rings for.... 40p.  They don't take cards so you'll have to send them a cheque.

You can spend 20 quid and jangle when you dive like Jimmy Saville.

BTW- I don't have anything to do with either company- just don't like parting with hard earned cash if I don't have to.
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