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Yep Im a Yorkshirer Diver, born and living in Yorkshire. Chap I used to work with described a Yorkshire man as a Glaswegian with the generosity squeezed out of him

I am a born and bred Glaswegian who has lived in Yorkshire for last many years. The Yorkshire folk sometimes astound me in there ability to be tighter than me. They are however very friendly once you get to know them. But it does take about twenty years.


York - The capital of Yorkshire...

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Confession time.

OK, since hearing a family tale that my direct male line arrived with William the Bastard in 1066 (which is possibly true, seeing as a family of the same name was given the channel islands as a "gift") I've had a passing interest in family history.

My dad's done quite a bit of research and we come from a long line of Wiganers who made a living hitting things with a hammer (Blacksmith, toolmaker etc) until we got back to the 1841 census where my ancestor arrived in God's county from bloody Todwick - which turns out to be half way between Sheffield and Rotherham. I was nearly ill. A bloody closet tyke, even though he was born in 1781. Haven't got as far as his dad yet - no local record of his birth, so he must have been an import.

That's my line and I'm sticking to it.

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No - most definitely not from Yorkshire. It is a matter of much personal consternation that I belong to this site but console myself in the knowledge that despite the name it actually has little to do with our natural and ancient enemy.

The war goes on! :rose:

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Yorkshireman's advice to his son:

'ear all, see all, say nowt;
Eat all, sup all, pay nowt;
An' if ivver thi does owt fer nowt;
Allus do it fer thi sen.

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Wakefield born and bred!

Yes, I'm from yorkshire. Wakefield to be precise. Joined the army and eventually ended up living on Portland! Now a little worried as my head gets pointier by the day and i think that i'm growing a tail!!!!:eek:mg: We do keep yorkshire tea bags on the boat though:teeth:


Food for thought.
Some of the countries leading dive shops are in Yorkshire. SDS (Sheffield), Divers warehouse (Bradford) and Robin Hood watersports (Leeds/Wakefield), Beaver (Huddersfield) and also just across the border we have Northern Diver.

Is it something that they put in the drinking water as none are near the sea?
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