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I have been wondering how I am going to cope with my back post operation and how I am going to pass the time. Did I mention I had a slipped disc :teeth: and almost thought about wandering into World of Warcraft :confused: but now I have found it....

yes, you can forget the Da Vinci Code, the Dead Sea Scrolls etc, I have found the motherlode.....

for who can forget Action - the comic from the 1970's which featured comic strips such as:

Hookjaw - a naughty shark (the comic was issued just after Jaws came out)

Spinball - kinda like Rollerball but with less rules

and a Sven Hassell style comic strip about a German in WW11 (not a Nazi though; oh no!)

Well, they are all contained in this website in page turning glory (a la Ron M's new online diving mag) as well as the story of the comic, which I very much doubt would get publised now.

Action - The Sevenpenny Nightmare

if you cant be bothered with all the nostalgia-guff and just want to get to the individual comics follow this link;
Action - The Sevenpenny Nightmare

BTW - I have nowt to do with the site; just a boy who grew up in the 1970s. Ahh, the 70's - what an innocent time that was :angel:

Warning - if you like your shark cuddly and your divers eco-friendly dont look :embarassed:

Now if you'll excuse me I have a few pages to turn.

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