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Jessica Taylor posted this in 'another place'.

"This is a message for anyone interested in sharks!
There is a new non profit research project called ADOPTASHARK that are visiting this years London Dive Show.

With the use of Closed Circuit Rebreathers, electronic tags are placed on large Hammerhead Sharks. Using the information from these tags we hope to provide governments and fisheries with enough information to eventually increase the protection of these declining beasts.

By buying a share in a tag, and therefore adopting a shark you will be able to go online and download the tracking data, giving you a visual record of where your shark has been and also supporting the conservation of these animals.

Project Directors Luke Inman and Salvador Jorgensen will be in the Adoptashark booth and also giving a presentation in the Rhodium Room from 4pm to 4.30pm Saturday and Sunday.


Adopt a Shark Website
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