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I must admit, my first impression of the title of this course is that it must be a deep ticket as advanced must be a lot more than entry level trimix - and that is a 60 metre ticket!

I had, like most people missed out on the 'recreational' bit. ART is an introduction to trimix, using enriched oxygen mixes which will be familiar to many, but with the addition of helium to keep a clear head when going a little deeper. The course covers the use of Nitrox mixes and Hyperoxic Trimix (Triox) down to 48m with a limited amount of deco on any single deco gas of your choice.

This really is a superb intro class for the UK. By making it a four day class we are able to go over the basics of technical diving - problem resolution, advanced buoyancy, finning technique, gas choices, decompression management, stage handling and rescue techniques - as well as get some opportunities for some 'real' dives to practice all those new found skills.

Entry requirements are flexible, depending on experience, but around 75-100 dives with Nitrox and something like a Sport Diver / Dive Leader or Rescue Diver / Divemaster seems to be OK. Fundamentals is a good foundation also. You will need a manifolded twinset and a single deco bottle but I can lend gear as and when necessary.

I am looking to run a class on 24-27 June and then am shaping my schedule for the rest of the year. It is a great way of starting the season's deeper diving with a little more safety. If you are interested in a June class or one later - do get in touch. Classes can be run anywhere in the UK or mainland europe.
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