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I've been asked to run an Advanced Wreck course on Mon 9th - Wed 11th July.

I need at least one more person, preferably two, to make it worth while.

It will be run in Weymouth using Scimitar Diving Ltd Hardboat Diving Made Easy

The course will cover wreck penetration and line laying. It will involve a combination of shallow water skills dives and 30-35m wrecks to practice the skills.

The course will be £350 plus your own expenses.

Details of the course standards are below.

Advanced Wreck In-water Skills
As part of the graduation requirements from this TDI course, your instructor should test your competence in the following areas. Drills to help build your confidence and comfort doing these skills should be taught as part of the regular program.

• Demonstrate specialized propulsion techniques
• Deploy guideline with attention to immediate environment and conditions
• Demonstrate lost line and lost buddy drills
• Follow guideline (eyes open and eyes closed – or blacked out mask)
• Air share with team member(s) while exiting confined space (eyes open and eyes closed – or blacked out mask)
• Remove and replace mask while in contact with guideline
• Demonstrate light and hand communications with team members
• Demonstrate touch contact with team members
• Simulate primary light failure and deployment of backup lights
• Demonstrate correct techniques for staging deco/contingency gas outside wreck
• Demonstrate proper procedure for isolating and switching a malfunctioning regulator (This drill should be conducted no deeper than 30 meters / 100 fsw)
• Demonstrate ability to deploy a lift bag from depth as emergency ascent line
• Execute simulated emergency blue water ascent with marker deployment from staged stop below 6 meters (simulated or real live boating)
• Demonstrate understanding of basic wreck layout and special considerations for navigating wreck
• Deal with diver presenting signs of serious DCS at surface (simulated emergency evac.)
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