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Advice needed urgently

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Does anyone know of a puddle anywhere that I could nip into for a few mins, I'm in Cov today, London tonight (unconfirmed) and Cheshire tomorrow.  It needs to be at least 6 m deep.
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Where in cheshire???

Eccy Delph - J27 M6 (20 mins from warrington)
heres a river you can dive in cheshire near frog (something, cant remember the rest of the name)

Dosthill - Birmingham.

Probably no help!!
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Essex M25, LAKESDIDE, its also a Padi scholl and shop so if you need any kit they might be able to help, not sure what time they stay open to though, near the shopping centre or there's another one west of London nr Heathrow just off the M25 also. Both are near to London, if you need there address etc I'll look on the web. Mail me [email protected]

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Wraysbury Lake - just under Heathrow flightpath - PADI centre, max depth about 12m I think but you wont want to get anywhere near that cos the vis is so crappy. Big pike in there though. M25 Junction 13 - I've more directions if you need them

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You could try the following:

Around London.

(To the east)   <a href="http://WWW.lakeside-diving.com/

(To" target="_blank">http://WWW.lakeside-diving.com/

(To</a> the west)   <a href="http://www.wraysbury.ws

(To" target="_blank">http://www.wraysbury.ws

(To</a> the south)   - Leybourne Lakes

details from :  http://www.divemachine.co.uk/

All the lakes etc.. around London are on clay and are prone to the bad viz / silt that comes when the bottom is disturbed - leading to blackout.

Off the M6 there's also


But I think that this may be closed now for redevelopment.

Regards, Ian.
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