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Hi Folks,

any estate agents that can offer a bit of advice?

My estate agent is a tit and has been extremely unprofessional during the whole sale process, unfortunately he isn't a member of any professional body. Is there any other government agency which complaints can be addressed to?

The final straw at the end of a big pile of straws was at lunchtime I went to collect the post from the house I'm selling (offer has already been accepted) but I'd forgot the keys. The estate agent is just round the corner so I went round to ask for the spare set which they have. The manager went mental with no warning or warm-up, accusing me of trying to sabotage the sale, gave me a torrent of insults and swearing as well as lying about when the surveyor was coming (I spoke to the surveyor) just because I wanted my own keys for ten minutes. He is still refusing to give me the keys. Apart from anything else, is he committing an offence by refusing to return my property?

Prior to this it has been a running battle with him and some of his procedures seem very dodgy so is there any other course available? Trading standards won't do anything other than refer me to the ombudsman scheme (of which he isn't a member).



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If it was me in this situation I would demand MY keys back immediatley and inform him that as from NOW on all viewings/ visits are to be made via appointments with you.

I would also remind him there are other estate agents who would dearly like to sell my proprerty and if his attitude did not change with immediate effect I would remove the property from his portfolio forthwith. I would also put everything in writing to him to that effect, keeping copies of all corrispondents should you have to go to court in the future.

Remember you are the customer, and you are paying for the service he is providing at the end of the day. If its not up to your expecttations you have the right to do something about it.

Good luck and I hope everything turns out OK
Safe diving

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Decline the offer through him and then sell privately. He will still be entitled to his fee for the sale, but at least you won't have to deal with him any more.
As Lou says get out now. If the offer has been accepted and the solicitors
are talking to each other, cut out the agent.

If neccessary change the front door barrel, it is your house and will cost
peanuts. Tell the prospective new owners the reasons and that there is no
problem having the new keys for any reason.

I'd also think hard about putting any fees due, in a seperate bank account
or building society and start making detailed notes.

You can argue (successfully) that there job was part to introduce clients,
but to also service the account with your (not unreasonable) requests.

You might paythem the lot or you might even negotiate a settlement in
small claims, but plan for the worst.

I'd get out now though.
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