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Hi Folks,

any estate agents that can offer a bit of advice?

My estate agent is a tit and has been extremely unprofessional during the whole sale process, unfortunately he isn't a member of any professional body. Is there any other government agency which complaints can be addressed to?

The final straw at the end of a big pile of straws was at lunchtime I went to collect the post from the house I'm selling (offer has already been accepted) but I'd forgot the keys. The estate agent is just round the corner so I went round to ask for the spare set which they have. The manager went mental with no warning or warm-up, accusing me of trying to sabotage the sale, gave me a torrent of insults and swearing as well as lying about when the surveyor was coming (I spoke to the surveyor) just because I wanted my own keys for ten minutes. He is still refusing to give me the keys. Apart from anything else, is he committing an offence by refusing to return my property?

Prior to this it has been a running battle with him and some of his procedures seem very dodgy so is there any other course available? Trading standards won't do anything other than refer me to the ombudsman scheme (of which he isn't a member).


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