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Just not enough dive time.
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Saturday quick trip down the local shop to see if my cam bands will fit 10/12/15 ltr tanks and a fill in my 12 which has 100 bar of 36% left in it.
Fully expecting to be told we'll have to drain that and charge for a new fill - wrong. Yeah we'll top that up with air for you if that's what you want. So I end up with 28% for 2 quid - result. And I get to try the bands against a 15l and be told not to waste my money on the ones Buddy recommend as the ones I have will be fine on 10/12 and 15 - another result.
Plus I can have 2 off 10L Fabers 02 clean for about 95 quid a throw - almost, if not, cheaper than second hand ones on E-bay. What a good day that was.
Nice bloke, basically turned away business as he didnt feel he was offering me best advice in selling me anything, definitely be going back there when the time comes.
Deep Dive - Luton.

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