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Alex's Adventures in Numberland by Alex Bellos | Book review | Books | The Observer

Quote from the above article:-
Down there, for example, on the eighth-century Northumbrian coast, he spots the Venerable Bede, who has worked out a way to count to a million simply by holding parts of his body. Small numbers and tens go on the left fingers and thumb, up to thousands he uses the right hand, and for bigger numbers ... well, Bede may here have betrayed a lack of human company, because to represent 90,000 he explained that you "grasp your loins with the left hand, the thumb towards the genitals". The contortions involved in counting even higher were ones he might well have been willing to study, alone, long into the night.

Has anyone read this (new/recent(?)) release yet?

It sounded good when I saw him talk about it on TV (doing multiplication with diagonal lines - Multiply Using Diagonal Lines An Unreasonable Man) but I'm not so sure now I have some reviews. I interested in quirky maths rather than quirky ways of counting.
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