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All Sorts For Sale

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Hi still got some bits left for sale

1 7 litre twin set, new test and cleaned with SDS latching kit with Black OMS single wing £500
2 Omega second stage £30 sold
3 EPIRB (Sea Marshall) in OMS w/proof ali case £100
4 Pool fins size 8 blue £10
5 small knife £10 sold
6 Hoods £5 each
7 Poseidon gloves XL £10 sold
8 Hydrotech xxl gloves
9 OMS ali epirb case £40
10 N90 nikon body with Sea&Sea Ali housing with flat 105 port and small dome £150, 60m rated
11 Ladies small drysuit yellow black £150
12 Small ladies under suit £50
13 Ladies small undersuit £50
14 Tusa Green Jet fins XL £20
15 DSMB Orange/Yellow £10 sold
16 Yellow DSMB £10
17 McMahon large reel £20
18 1 kg ankle weights £10
19 UK 400 torch £20
20 Uwatec bottom timer £30 Sold
21 7 litre stage cylinder just tested and cleaned £120
22 DiveRite Travel wing with L Harness £120
23 Mares BC black size Medium £120
24 Hydrotech shot belt with 13kg of shot £50
25 OMS 1st stage for argon dry suit with O/pressure valve £50

Thanks Tez
Notts area to pick up
Mob 07884061406
email [email protected]
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I'm interested in the epirb and ali case.
Can you post piccies or tell me a bit more about it please?
You can email them to me at hebailsathotmaildotcom
Pm sent about the 7 litre stage and smb
I'm interested in yellow SMB (if hasn't already gone) and possibly torch (19) and DiveRite wing (22) depending -- will send PM to ask for more info.
Pm sent re: poseidon gloves.
Interested in the wing if it is still available.
Cheers John
pm sent re: omega second stage
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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