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Hi guy and girls
Just joined the forum but thought I would share with you our Easter bank holiday weekend. Twelve of us had gone down for the weekend to Looe in Cornwall to dive with Looe divers diving from there hard boat. The morning Glory we had a great weekend diving the wrecks in the area Scylla, James Eagan Layne & Kanteong.
We had just dived the Scylla on the 3rd day the Afternoon dive was to be The James Eagan Layne an American liberty ship located in Whitsand Bay in 21 metres is one of our most popular dives in Cornwall. The weather was fantastic the sea conditions couldn’t have been better for April. we where just coming to the end of the dive so returned to the shot line to make our ascent to the surface only to find not only the shot line but a second line
Some merchant Banker had moored there hard boat by means of there anchor on the bow of the wreck. How did I know that the skipper of the offending hard boat The Taylor Jane of Plymouth was a merchant banker well a couple of club ribs with divers in the water or on the surface could be heard calling the skipper of the Taylor Jane a banker or words to that effect (the skipper or Banker hid in the wheel house on the phone). Luckily all our divers returned to the safety of the deck of our boat without incident.
All I would like to comment on is that the three divers that where diving from the The Taylor Jane of Plymouth 8/4/07 should Know better, then again apparently one had got entangled on the shotline buoy around the piller of his tank by a couple of divers doing there safety stop watching while his buddies descended to the wreck with out him. I just hope they are never on the receiving end of an anchor. regards
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