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I completed the ANDI Trimix course with Deep Blue Divers (www.deep-blue-divers.de) on Phuket this week and was really impressed with every aspect of the course.

I had gone down the TDI route for Deco-procedures, Advanced Nitrox & Extended Range but was unimpressed by the quality of the course materials and the delays in their issuing C-cards (still waiting for Extended Range after 3 months and numerous emails). Having me Joerg Zebasch (ex German Navy diver) from Deep Blue several times I felt that he was a knowledgeable instructor and decided to do the ANDI course with him.

Our first 2 dives were off Koh Racha Yai, equipment familiarisation and drills, we then did 2 dives on the SS Petaling (60m) and another dive on HMS Vestal (70m), the Vestal being the last British warship sunk in WWII. Both myself and my co-student, John Moulder (TDI Instructor) are now both confident to progress our Trimix diving and both wholeheartedly recommend Joerg to anyone wishing to undertake Technical training (Joerg is also a TDI Instructor)
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