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I put a request for 1st-hand info on sites around Anglesey on Wreck Talk on D-net - got sod-all response from them, but this just came in off-line from Roy Curwen. Thanks Roy.

[Roy wrote]:

"RVSAC guide to diving in Anglesey!

The main diving that we have done has been from Treaddur Bay and hence most of the info is about there.

However, this year, we were blown out for the weekend and so I started to research the other side of Anglesey as a fall back dive site, the info being that if one side of the island is off limits, the other is OK. That said, on this occasion, both sides were off. I understand though that this is reasonably infrequent and diving is usually OK at Treaddur.

I can’t recall which sites I sent to you, so if you’ll bear with me, I’ll just start from scratch and give you everything I know!

We stop at Tyn Rhos Camp site TEL: - 01407 860369

We just phone ahead and then turn up. He comes round in the morning and collects the money and doesn’t mind you having a RIB and trailer. I have seen static vans there and he may know how to hire them if that’s what you want.

There is a bar on site that does food that is quite good and not outrageously priced.

There is a café near the bay that does breakfasts and some Spar type shops that sell food. You can’t miss them; they are on the way to the beach so you have to go past them. I should point out that this is in summer, so I don’t know personally what happens out of season.

There is a petrol station at the bay where you can refuel the RIB. It’s a bit of a bitch to get into though and you may be better with some jerry cans. I found it saved on embarrassment as I tried to reverse in.

We get air from a dive shop that is on the road from the bay to the campsite. It’s a little hard to find at first as it’s set back and looks like a house. It overlooks a bay that you can get the RIB into that makes it easy to refill between dives and the bay is an OK shore dive (watch for bubbles of those who can’t afford a RIB and are diving there, they never use a floppy!) I have two phone numbers, but can’t recall which is this shop.

They are:
Aubrey Diggle, TEL:  01407 740083 and
Anglesey Dive services TEL: 01407 740083
I think it’s the latter.

The dive sites:

HERMINE  53 15 45N 04 37 08W
About 1 nm South of Treaddur. Off the third mini headland south of the caravan slipway. She was an iron-hulled barque of 538 tons that ran aground in 1890. She is well broken up though a large section of the bow is OK in 10-15m of water. She is by a cliff and there are many gullies to explore. Slack water is not an issue (usually).

Ocean Gain  53 16 13N 04 42 28W
About 3.5 nm West of Treaddur. She is a 74ft long fishing boat that sunk in 1988 in 33m of water. Check your charts for tidal streams on this one.

Primrose Hill  53 17 04N04 41 01W
About 3 nm from Treaddur. She is a 2520 tons barque that sank in 1900. She was carrying bricks, tin plates and cement and lies in 14m of water. Look for 3 rings on the rock nearby and BEWARE of rip tides as you pass Penrhos Point reef.

Editor  53 16 47N 04 40 44W
About 2.5nm from Treaddur. She is an iron-hulled steamer of 1701 tons that sank in 1897. She is now well broken up and is in 10m of water. Her boilers and other odds and sods are still visible and she is 3m proud of the sea bed at points. Consider this a slack water dive only as there are large overfalls on the site at the full run of the tide.

Missouri  53 17 00N04 39 25W
About 1.5nm from Treaddur. She is an iron steamship that sank in 1886. You can still see the bow, deck winch decking and boilers. This is a good dive for the novice as she is in 10m of water with negligible currents.

Havsu  53 15 10N04 38 05W
About 1.5nm SSW from Treaddur. She is a steamer of 1843 tons that sank in 1937. It’s a flat as a witch’s tit having been blown up in 1976 and all that remains is the boilers and some plating. That said, it is a haven for marine life and one of our divers claims to have seen an Angel shark there. We accept that he saw something big, but that said, he went onto win the ‘person most likely to be suffering from narcosis’ award and the ‘biggest bullshitter’ award for 2001. Be careful of strong currents in the area.

North Stack
Good boat diving with a B-17 bomber at the foot of the North stack lighthouse in 20m. There can be strong currents around the headland so BEWARE.

The rest of this stuff is from sites that I’ve just found on the Internet.

Angloman  53 26 10N 04 45 00W
She is a 4892 tonnes Steamship that sank in 1897 that lies in between 5 – 28m of water. You launch from Holyhead harbour from the excellent slip owned by the yacht club. Permission is obtained before use, and will almost certainly be granted but keep a low profile. Spectacular tidal flows can be had at the site! Info is from Tony Tollitt - [email protected]

Apapa 53 27’51.0N 04 24’48.6W or 53 27 830N 04 24 970W
I haven’t dived this but it appears to be sunk in 1917 by a u-boat. She was a 7832 tonne merchant ship returning from Africa. Apparently she is a bitch to dive and I don’t know why. The person in the know is David Jones of Cirrus charter boat on [email protected] the address being correct at 1998! He apparently has dived it extensively.

Castillian  53 40 00N04 48 20W
She was sunk in 1943 and was carrying ammo. A lot of ammo A lot of ammo that is still live and permission is required to dive it. You must contact Holyhead Coastguard before you dive there, and they will tell the Police. You may well have your boat searched on your return. You launch from Holyhead Yacht Club and she lies in 15 – 35m of water. Best dived 20mins before high water but it hardly seems worth it.

Lady Meath  53 20 30N04 36 18W
She was a steamer that sank in 1940 and lies in 20m of water. Best dived 5 hours after high, she is a substantial wreck though mostly flattened. It’s quite silted and can be affected by the wash of the ferries. Some rope on the wreck, but some fish also. Launch at Holyhead yacht club. According to my extensive records (wow, nearly 100 open water dives and already the Club Expeditions Officer!!!!) I have dived the Hermine, Havsu, Primrose Hill and some other odds and sods that I didn’t note at the time. I can recall the Hermine being a good little dive that turned into a drift dive that was quite good as well as seeing octopus there.

The Primrose was also a good one.

Hope all this helps and please don’t hesitate to get hold of me if you want more info.
Safe diving

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Hey Bren - I`ve got `Anglesey Wrecks and Reefs` by Andy Shears and Scott Waterman.

There are some 25 wrecks around Anglesey, ranging from shallow to Tecky depths

Also at least 14 reef dives - many (12)shore dives plus the drifts on the Menai straights.

All are located around the island

Dont forget Puffin island for the seals.

Up to now I`ve only done the shore dives at Porth dafarch and Ravenspoint - good shallow fun with loads of life.  Big tip is plan for high tides, vis is a bit better on the slack plus you get a bit more depth.

Also dived Porth Eilian on the east side - nice bimble on a reef about 25m out and across the little bay. Again, vis was not great (3m) due to poor timing (had no choice as the west side was blown out)

If you want any more info, I`ll lend you the book on Saturday

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Hey Kirky,

Cheers for this mate - but I bought that one when last Andy Hayhurst, Hobby and I went to T-Bay. It's got a lot of good info in it, but what prompted my intial question came out of convo that Andy and I were having about the fact there are a number of bloody good wrecks off Anglesey that do not appear in the book (Volume 1). May be they'll be in Volume 2?? Is it out yet, do we know??

Thanks again John and we'll see ya Saturday.

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Hi All,
here's a part-list of the Julie-Anne Wreck-sites (I haven't included any East of Cambank as most are covered by Scott's book)
 S.S. Braganza 1869- Max Depth  47m
 S.S. Dakota   1877-     "      22m
 S.S. Derbent  1948-     "      42m
 P.S. Pansy    1916-     "      20m
 S.S. Liverpool 1863-    "      45m
 Bq President Harbitz 1889-     30m
 S.S. Apapa     1917-     "     48m
 S.S. Guillermo  1864     "     48m
 S.S. Abbotsford 1875-    "     18m
 M.V. Deo Gratis  1958-    "    25m
 Bq Earl of Chattam 1885   "    10m
 S.S. Gulf of St Vincent1890    20m
 West Mouse 3 wrecks            25m
 P.S. Minerva 1854              45m
 S.S. Edith Owen 1879           25m
 S.S. Fawn 1886                 25m
 S.S. Lord Athlumney 1887       25m
 S.S. Elisabeth 1912            18m
 S.S. Angloman 1897              18m
 S.S. Castillian 1945            34m protected wreck
 Bq Hudiksvall 1890              15m
 S.S. Lady Meath 1940            20m
 S.S.Oria  1905                  25m
 S.S. Asmund 1930                11m
 Bq Kirkmichael 1894             20m

I,ve skipped the ones more than 4mls offshore!

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Err...the word 'sumptuous' comes to mind!! A vertibale 'Smorgesbord' of wrecks to dive!!

There's more than enough here for us (in the deoth range we're happy with) to go at on the March weekend. Terry, I'm gonna cut-n-paste this list into the Planned Trips 'Anglesey and T-Bay' weekend. Thanks again for this, we would deffo like to dive some of these on the weekend we're with you and Elfyn and Scott.

Cheers again for your striling input!

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hi bren just looking at your list of wrecks anglesey as far as i know the S.S.Castilian is off limits to divers and  has been for a long time now.
a sign near most launch sites clearly shows this.
I was speaking to Alison kentuck head of receiver of wreck  when she was up here last year and part of her visit was to inspect and upgrade any launch sites with a warning notice.
it has caused a lot of problems up here over the years as divers were discarding bundles of cordite and shell heads on the shore .

We looked into it a few years ago about getting permission but no chance.
its a shame, it was one of the best dives around here ,lying on a steep rock face between 12m and 35m.
its the usual story a few  wa---rs spoil it for everyone.
all the best elfyn

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Hey Elfyn mate,

Isn't that always the way? You find a decent wreck with loads to see and do on it, and just coz it's still got loads of really unstable munitions onboard, the buggers won't let you dive it!! Typical! ;)

Seriously mate, we're all well looking forward to the trip in March with you guys and Scott (as you can read by looking at 'Planned Trips'), so we'll need to be talking about the myriad wreck dive options we've got nearer the time.

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