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yorkshire divers go to angalsey a lot what wrecks/ sites do you dive?
where do you dive from?
and what do you dive off?

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Hey Steve,

Here's you questions:

"YD divers go to Anglesey a lot: what wrecks/sites do you dive? Where do you dive from? And what do you dive off?"

Hopefully the following will give you an idea of what we've got planned. Some of us have dived Anglesey previously in small groups, but this July we intend trying to repeat the 40+ divers who turned out for the last Anglesey dive weekend that was blown out. Any way, hope some of the following answers your questions.

Q: What wrecks/sites do you dive?

A: Well, apart from shore-diving from all around the island, here are some of the wrecks on offer from the following skippers:

Dive Anglesey Charters.
Amlwch Harbour
Elfyn Jones - Skipper
Boat: the Julie Ann
M TEL: 07768 - 863355
H TEL: 01407 - 831210

Keith Forster - Skipper.
Boat: 'ESP'
M TEL: 07885 - 884388
H TEL: 0151 608 7901

Scott Waterman - Skipper.
Quest Diving Charters
Menai Bridge Harbour
Boat: Voyageur
TEL: 01248 - 716923
Mob: 07974 - 249005

Wreck Diving

Anglesey offers an abundance of top quality diving.  The quantity and diversity of the wreck diving make the area such a good choice for anyone wishing to organise a successful dive trip.  Below are some of the offshore wrecks we visit:

Arlloch30-40m       Apapa 30-50m
Cambank30m          Lelia 15-20m
Vignes 35-45m       Chucabuco 30m
Cork 40-45m         Penstone 30m
Segontium 30m       Delfina30-40m
Roanoag40m          Bijou 35m
Strarah30m          Mona 20m
Nydia 40m           Torch 20m
Albion 40m          Canargo 35-45m
Albanion 40m        UB1024 60m
Penros 15m          Resurgam 15m
Dacota 15m          Farfield 40m
TR4 30m             Liverpool (Anglesey) 40m
Lady Windsor 30m    Liverpool (IOM)35m

And here's another list with some possible repeats:

S.S. Braganza 1869 -  Max Depth  47m
S.S. Dakota   1877 -            "      22m
S.S. Derbent  1948 -            "      42m
P.S. Pansy    1916 -             "      20m
S.S. Liverpool 1863 -            "      45m
Bq President Harbitz 1889 -    "      30m
S.S. Apapa     1917 -             "     48m
S.S. Guillermo  1864 -             "     48m
S.S. Abbotsford 1875 -           "     18m
M.V. Deo Gratis  1958 -            "    25m
Bq Earl of Chattam 1885 -         "    10m
S.S. Gulf of St Vincent 1890 -         20m
West Mouse 3 wrecks                    25m
P.S. Minerva 1854                         45m
S.S. Edith Owen 1879                    25m
S.S. Fawn 1886                            25m
S.S. Lord Athlumney 1887               25m
S.S. Elisabeth 1912                       18m
S.S. Angloman 1897                      18m
S.S. Castillian 1945                       34m protected wreck
Bq Hudiksvall 1890                        15m
S.S. Lady Meath 1940                    20m
S.S.Oria  1905                              25m
S.S. Asmund 1930                         11m
Bq Kirkmichael 1894                        20m

In addition to these we also have over 30 offshore wrecks which have still not been positively identified, as well as more than 50 inshore wrecks in depths under 10m.  To give an indication of the vast choice available we have a group from Leeds who have been coming out with us once a month throughout the season for the past 5 years and have only dived the same wreck twice on 2 occasions!

Plus a shed-load of Scenic/Drift Diving from shore, hard-boat or RIB.

Please feel free to hook-up with us on any of our team or individual dive trips as posted in Planned Trips or Need a Buddy on this forum. You will all be welcome - Pennine Divers.

Hope this helps mate.

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I am the Expeditions Officer for Ribble Valley SAC and as such I have tried to put all the wrecks I know onto a database, namely Excel, as everyone seems to have it!
It is still up and coming, but you can gladly have it
I am at [email protected]
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