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Just want to post a quick word of thanks to Bren for putting this trip together, only beaten by the weather.

Also a note of thanks to the guys who went to Dotty,

Glad I did it,

All the best,


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Gutted or what? Thanks Lou for the call, I'd driven 150 miles and it was very windy on the M1/M6 all the way past Brum. Bren I did call to let you know I wasnt coming but got your message service. Really dissapointed for everyone, especially Bren after all the hard work, must have been one of the biggest ever troop gigs and it gets blown out.
Bugger it I was REALLY peed off by the weather. Oh well bring on the next one!

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The weather was a real PITA!  Still, meant I could spend some quality time with the family and earn a few brownie points by not going to Dotty.

Besides that, it really was great meeting everybody and putting faces to names.  The time spent in the pub was bloody great fun - I've never seen such enthusiastic mexican waves from such a small group of people!

Anyway cheers to Bren for putting this togther and, once again, it was good meeting y'all.



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Many thanks to Bren for organising the Anglesey trip.  It must have been a major undertaking!

As you know, the *weather gods* took over and I ended up diving at Dorothea on Saturday and Capernwray on Sunday!  These things happen!

Anyway, it was good to meet up with some new faces and I will remember the *Trearddur Bay Holiday Bungalows* as a top place to stay next time I'm diving out of Hollyhead or Trearddur Bay.

Thanks again Bren, for organising this.  Let's try it again later in the year!

Take care all


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I too would like to say cheers to Bren for sorting the trip out in the 1st place. I hope its not the last

The upside of the trip was being able to put some faces to the names seen on the board.

Again cheers Bren for taking the trouble

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Well from a personal point of view I had a great time, I knew before leaving Teesside that there were SW gales due and that the diving was probably not going to happen and if it did I defo wasn't getting 15m viz on some spectacular wrecks so the mindset was.. go, meet YDers, put faces to names and have a good time.. I'm pleased to inform that I accomplished that objective completely PLUS I dived too.... ferkin outstanding!!

My heart felt thanks go out to Bren for his unwavering devotion to making sure it went as smoothly as possible, my commiserations for his dispair at the weather being shite (It's not your fault Bren so don't be down mate)  and a big thanks to all who turned up and made it a great weekend.... just think if we have that much fun during a force 8 gale weekend what can be achieved when it's glorious and sunny with some top diving to boot!!

My personal award goes to Lou and Caroline who dived in cold tea and enjoyed it immensely giving me a dive report that actually made me jealous.

Great to meet all of you and I really hope we meet up again soon.. BTW.. Abbs in May is fantastic.. interested??

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Well, I have to do it.....here is a DIVE report from Anglesey!

The drive up on Friday afternoon started giving clues as to the weekend ahead.  Horizontal rain and a lake surface in Snowdonia that consisted of spray and hovered about a foot above the body of water.  We got worried.

Arrived in Anglesey and found that trees looked like they grew sideways and the A55 wasn’t a road as we were lead to believe, but in fact a river.  

There was no doubt that we would get wet one way or another!!  The plus side was that Bren had already posted that us softies on the shallow boat were going out of Menai and if anywhere on Anglesey was going to get some shelter it would be the Straits.

After waking on Saturday morning to a maelstrom of gales and lashing rain we cheerfully set off already dressed in drysuits to try and find a harbour at Menai that didn’t exist.  Stopping at a garage for directions we met Andy Winterburn who was trying to do the same.  A quick phone call to our gallant skipper for the day, Scott, and five minutes later he was at the garage to lead us down to the sea.

The harbour was actually a very long, narrow pier with a pontoon at the end.  Tied up to this pontoon was a large Oceanography vessel.  Out in the straits was Scott’s little Lochrin – damn.  We agreed that we would go for it in the straits as Scott’s professional opinion was that we had a cat’s chance anywhere else and a meeting time of 10.45am was set to catch slack around midday.

11.30 found us oaded up and with the rain still pouring down we started speeding our way west up the straits.  We passed under both bridges and past the “Nelson’s Column”.  Scott briefed us on a dive site that consisted of a vertical cliff, leading to a boulder slope at 12m that led down to the bottom at 18m.  Apparently there were congers in the cliffs and a bottom covered in life.  Looking over the stern of the boat he proclaimed viz to be about 1m.

Caroline and I were the third pair in and on looking down the thought that at viz of a metre I should be able to see my knees passed through my mind!  Making my way over to Caroline we decided there and then that the main tactic of the dive would be to hold on tight to each other and don’t let go!

We signalled to descend and almost instantly there was a scrabble for the torches.  At about 6 metres the brown-green light disappeared entirely and it went black.  We continued to descend, vertical body position, feeling for the bottom with fin tips.  It was finally located at a smidge over 12m and we settled on out knees to sort out torches properly, take the align ourselves with the bearing I had taken towards the cliff and have a look around.  Unfortunately the look around revealed viz to be about a foot and everything else to be a spooky inkyness.  I have to come clean here and admit two thing – firstly I thought I had done low viz dives before.  I was wrong.  Secondly I was quite scared for a minute or two and a made the brave decision to not go anywhere near the cliffs because I definitely didn’t want to go finsing any congers today, thankyou very much!

The face-down postion was assumed with masks about 8 inches from the sea bed and a crawl began.  This is where things perked up considerably!  The bottom was indeed full of life.  There were breadcrumb sponges, and antler-like sponges, deadmans fingers feeding that looked like they were covered in dandelion “fairies” (you were right, Steve W!!!).  There were other corals and creatures all feeding with bright pink arms waving in the gentle current.  Everytime we moved another swimming crab started flying.  There were carpets of something bright scarlet covering boulders and we fond a pair of dragonets nestling in a spnge formation.  They did’t move as we examined them in the torchlight and after a minute of eyeball-to-eyeball human-fish interaction we moved on.

A pant-fillng moment came as something touched Carolines shoulder and then moved into the torchlight but it turned out to be a mooring riope, we had obviulsy gone underneath some of the small pleasure craft moored along the water’s edge.  You never knew that rope could be so scary, I can tell you!!

After almost half an hour the 5 degree water and lack of exertion had got to our fingertips and Caroline signalled that her hands were cold.  I signalled that we would ascend and we knelt again to fill the SMB.  It has to be said that I made a complete cock’s arse of filling it.  I normally use my exhaled air and watch it fill to have an idea of when to let go.  However the combination of the ATX’s rubbish exhaust pattern and not actually being able to see the part of the SMB that was inflating away in the gloom meant that I let it go with nowhere near enough air in it and was hence rewarded on the surface with a very limp impression of what should have been.  Our safety stop was also a bit of a trial.  We should have used the buddy line that was sat on the boat but without it holdng onto each other and trying to maintain the stop depth in virtually zero viz did tax our skills. We managed it though and surfaced after 36 minutes expecting to be the first back on the boat.  We were most surprised to find a full compliment awaiting our arrival!

Big thanks to the guys who helped haul us in and dekit, I was knackered after chasing the boat down in the current whilst Caroline climbed the ladder  (could have done with a trailing rope to hold onto there) and apologies to everyone who had to sit and breath diesel fumes whilst we potteld around on the bottom!

A cup of tea to revive the weary and it was decided to call it a day.  The planned afternnons drift dive down the straits woul dhave been far too much of an experience in that viz, bit we truly did enjoy the dive we had.  Caroline has found a whole new lot of confidence having faced a demon and won, and for that alone it was well worth it.  We now plan to go back in good viz because that has to be an excellent site in the summer, and then there are all those wrecks we planned to see!

On top of his it was really good to meet everyone and put faces to names even where the faces weren’t what you expected!!  Special mentions to all on the shallow boat who got a taste of the salty stuff, no matter how brief – Steve & Liz, Dawn & Noel, Chris & Liz, Andy W, Kirky and John Holmes.  Big up the Bristol Massive who took over the pub in style and did some diving (big kisses to Finnegan!!),.  Huge apologies to Davey’s boy, Brad, who Caroline smacked in the face with a basketball about 2 minutes after meeting him – I can’t take her anywhere!.    Congratulations to Andy P who kept his calm after we experienced the world’s worst service in an Indian restaurant (“Can we have a fork?” “WHY???”).  And of course hi to everyone else we met, however briefly....

And of course and big thanks and well done to Bren, it was great, a good time was had by all, and can you imagine what it will be like when we actually all dive together!!  Madness!

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Well done to everyone who made the effort and actually arrived on Anglesey and especially to those who dived in the Sea (sorry soup) Being our local dive site we couldn't be seen to wimp out just because of a SW force 9 gale, so the Merseyside troops brought along 16 for the Saturday and 20 for the Sunday and dived both days from our 6,5mtr Tornado.

Saturday morning looked horrible and after ringing Martin Sampson at Anglesey divers he confirmed our worst fears, there had been a good breeze blowing for several days, guarantreeing that the vis on the Lady Meath outside Holyhead Harbour would be pants. Perhaps the pinacle inside the harbour then, but we couldn't even see the cavitation plate on the engine so it was inshore by McKenzie Pier and Newry Beach for shore diving waves. But hell, what an excellent opportunity to practice a bit of navigation. So, with a bottle of wine up for grabs to the person who found the most golf balls we got all 16 into the water. By 1.00pm someone suggested it might be better at Bull Bay, so we recovered the boat, packed up and chased over to the North Side to meet some of the Yorkshire Massive who had just finished a shore dive and were about to invade the local pub. After much discussion whether to join them, we decided to give the Dakota a try.

Well we tried, but if anything, the vis was even worse than Holyhead Harbour, so when someone missed their hold on the line and had to be picked up, we aborted and returned to Bull Bay. Those that had opted for the shore dive confirm the same report, so we recovered the boat again and headed for the pub.

Saturday night, just like Friday, we headed for the Anchorage to meet up with you Yorkshire Guys and Gals to find ourselves the only divers in there again. Still our numbers swelled to 18 plus some offspring and looked forward (if that's the word I'm looking for) to the Sunday dives in Holyhead Harbour.

Sunday was much the same as Saturday, perhaps even a bit worse, but with 20 divers and more navigation and prizes to be had. Despite the practice one or two pledged to return their compasses to the retailers as "not working properly", demanding their money back!

Having put together our own weekend I have nothing but admiration for what Bren tried to pull together. I feel desperately sorry for those of you that experienced what has been one of the worst diving weekends that Anglesey could have offered because of the weather. Please be assured that it is not always like that, conditions and dive sites are never ever that bad and we "locals" know that if you come up to visit on a better weekend you will return with some memories of fantastic marine life, great wrecks, good times and great beer. Please make the effort to come again.

Geoff Oldfield
Merseyside Branch 5

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Good one.  I enjoyed reading those.

Gotta say, bren, if you were any good at organising stuff then  the weather would have been number one thing to sort,  knobber.


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Anglesey - the best organised diving weekend that never actually involved any diving I can remember..."

Bren Tierney - Saturday night, Trearddur Bay NAAFI bar.


Anglesey, well well,

For all those who haven't yet heard (which can’t be many), Anglesey (with one or two notable and heroic exceptions) was blown out this weekend. Here's the skinny.

A goodly bunch of YD'ers managed to RV at the Holiday Bungalows in Trearddur Bay from teatime onwards on Friday evening; and so began the en masse YD meet-n-greet.

I think most were quite happily surprised at the size and standard of the accommodation at the gaff itself. With an on-site heated swimming pool, sauna, its own pub (which quite happily housed and fed all of us two nights running) and its close location to the beach, slipway and shore diving, you'd be hard pushed to find anywhere more suitable for our Troop's needs.

So we all managed to get together for a much needed 'put faces to names' session on the Friday night in the pub and partake of the wares of the local (Susan's) chippy too - result.

On Saturday morning, we all convoyed out to our respective harbours: Menai and Amlwch; but not before Davey Willo had arrived at my hooch, all maniacal grinning and wide-eyed with pronouncements of "Have you seen the f*ckin sea state mate?" It took me a few minutes to stop him laughing.

I hadn't - but after walking down to Dave's hooch (his being nearer the beach), I saw the frothing tempest that threatened to deluge the immediate surrounds of the site. Oh dear. First signs not at all encouraging.

You know you're in trouble when the sea gulls have a 'f*ck flying in this' attitude and are cosied-up all playing cards and shooting pool together rather than doing what comes natural to birds.

So, plans B, C, D and E were rapidly discussed whilst Davey, Bob and me poured over a quickly produced detailed dive-map of the island - courtesy of Hobby. We ran over the options for shore diving off the other side of the island, as what was blowing was quite happily a 40 to 50 mile-an-hour Southwesterly. I'll download the photies I took so you can get an idea of just how ridiculous the sea was.

So, the Menai team trotted off to meet with their boat and we, the Amlwch team drove off to have a look at conditions at that port so we could make an informed decision as to what to do dive wise.

Davey and Bob Cooper ('we are diving come-what-may!') were discussing another alternative - viewing Amlwch, seeing if it was a go or not, and then bugging out to dive Dorothea. Got to respect the commitment to getting wet!

We got to the harbour and whilst the sea was relatively flat calm, the viz was less that 50 centimetres ("like diving in milk"). It was here that the dive out of Amlwch began to unravel for us all.......

Davey and Bob made the call and saddled-up to head off to Dotty; Nick and Ali (a two-man walking 'laugh-factory') grinned broadly and said through stifled laughs "Right, we're off home - see ya later"; Tim took the offered opportunity to earn some brownie-points by heading back to the camp to spend sometime with his wife and daughters; Barry Marriott and Andy Phillips were up to dive any where and joined Dave and Bob on the Dotty gig; and Nige Waller and I headed back to camp.

I have to say here that Elfyn - the Skipper of the 'Julie-Anne' - played out of his socks for us. He was willing to take us out to a wreck (‘SS Dakota’) that would have been our best shot, given the conditions, and gave us no bullshit whatsoever. He was realistic about what we could and couldn't do and what our chances/options were.

Indeed, when I came aboard to let him know that we were calling off the dive, he looked crest-fallen...up to and including not wanting to take the money: "I don't want to take money when I'm not taking you guys diving", as I pressed the money into his hand - so we'll be using him again soon when we retrace our steps on the Anglesey II gig!!! We talked about me letting him know about diving the Sunday and he was good enough to say 'look, don't hold your breath for tomorrow mate' - meaning, forget it, it'll be worse than today. Can't fault the guy, he was straight with us, he turned out and was good to go. We will deffo be using him next time.

The nauseating thing was, after getting back to the camp, I'd been back at my hooch for about an hour, mulling over the decision to bin it, and ended up wanting to kick myself: we're all geniuses with the benefit of hindsight, right, and thinking back, I would have to done the dive now: viz or no viz. Whether I’d enjoyed it or not is a moot point.

So, how to make best use of the day left to me?

I phoned Hobby and asked him (him knowing the place like the back of his hand and having dived the island extensively for years) whether he would come with me on a recce of the leeward side of the island, so that we could scout-out shore dive sites for the next day. He happily agreed and I took my digital camera so that I could take pictures as evidence of the calm conditions to show the troops later that evening.

The weather on the Saturday was appalling - and Sunday promised gusting 50 to 60 mile-an-hour Southerlies! So shore diving (as no boats or RIBs would be leaving the harbour) was our only hope of salvaging something from this gig.

We checked out Bull Bay (a must dive next time), Porth Ellyion and a couple of others. The sea on this side was dead calm and all the sites are completely sheltered in natural bays. Result.

So, recce done, Hobby and I came back to base to share the good news.

It was here that we met up with Dave and Karen J and other elements of Daz's 'Bristol Massif' ('BM') and 'Team Bunny' (Noel and Dawn). I begin to hold-forth on the 'better than could be expected' conditions that I was recommending for the next day's diving when Karen and Dave just looked at each other and grinned with that "should you tell him or should I" look.

Apparently, whilst nice and calm, the viz was virtually nil over there too (as reconfirmed in Geoff Oldfield’s report above) - they knew, they'd spent the day shore diving over there with the 'BM' ! I began to see any hopes of diving this weekend going rapidly to rat-shit.

Meanwhile, that same morning at Menai, the 'shallower' boat had had better luck.

All bar one of the 12 divers kitted up and got on the boat. They all went in too! Conditions here were no better than we'd had at Amlwch - and seeing as this boat had a goodly number of YD-girls on it, we, 'deep-boat' chaps, might/should feel a tinge of embarrassment
Bad-ass Chicks and no mistake!!!

The viz on this dive was 'can't see your computer when held up to my mask' shite. Some folk got down to about 5 metres and couldn’t see the rest of the group (not that you could see you buddy!) and decided to call it. There were even troops on this one (Chris Hall and Lizzie) where Lizzie had never dived a dry-bag in UK conditions and still went in! Nuff Respeck!

Lou and Caroline proved the real troopers: they reached the heady depths of 10+ metres (diving with linked arms so as not to lose each other!) at the seabed and lasted about 40 minutes! That's BALLS !! Nearly everyone else lasted about 10 to 15 minutes before calling it. Troopers all, given the conditions. Proud to know you all.

The Skipper of the Voyageur, Scott was a really decent bloke too. Offered to take all the troop out in shuttles on drift dives out in the Menai Straits 'as the boat had been paid for' if we wanted. Thanks Lou for furnishing us with that info.

So, it rapidly was becoming evident that 'I' had chosen the wrong weekend to go diving on Anglesey. I've dived off here a couple of times and had nothing but great dives, great weather, great viz and plenty to rave about - alas, I was NOT able to show you guys what I have experienced here. I very much echo what Geoff Oldfield has to say about the diving off Anglesey – it is excellent and one that, after you’ve done it in good conditions, you will be well pleased that you did.

That night (Saturday) in the camp bar, the YD turnout was massive. The Landlord thought all his Christmases had come at once - well over 50+ (in off-season) going large on food and sherry. Being Wales, it's dirt-cheap too, so everyone got a good deal.

A guy who played guitar and sang for the assembleage filled the Saturday night with merriment and good humour; YD on song with sherry and gigglesworth and some top music. He was so good that Davey Willo organised a whip-round for him and raised many a goodly pence. Well worth our time!

All in all, the night went with the promise of the YD Massif meeting up and having a gas together - faces to names. We met, we liked and we enjoyed each other's company big time.

Daz and the Bristol Massif were superb company - they came to play and were top company - more of the same next please Daz!!

Barry Marriott was committed and knew the way to Amlwch, so saving our blushes getting to out intended harbour!

Nige Waller was easy-going and willing to get in amongst it come-what-may.

Andy P had travelled so far he was getting wet come hell or high water - alas, we got both! Didn't put him off though, and he had the world's supply of top 'taken myself' photos of dives from global parts various on his lap-top, best I've ever seen. Thanks for the Deco Planner mate and the disk with the photies on it. Andy, you're a star mate.

Ian Wheeldon and Richard Hall came up on the strength (I find out from Fiona my wife last night) that they'd called my home to see whether the gig was still on given the weather reports! Fi said that I was in 'Anglesey somewhere - I know not where' and they turned up!! Gotta respect that guys. Troopers both.

Nick Ramsey and Ali Nash are a two-man laugh-factory, as I said earlier - there are no conditions that you could throw at these guys that would get them down and they couldn't make light of. For raising the spirits guys, we thank you!

Chris Hall and Liz and Noel and Dawn ('Team Bunny'): all that way to dive with people you'd never met before and fitting in so well and enjoying the crack - outstanding! We'll be honoured to dive with you guys anywhere and were very grateful of your company.

Kirky and John Holmes: for having an endless supply of 'hey, shit happens and we'll be here next time' anecdotes for the collective. More than happy to see/dive with you guys again anywhere.

Hobby - we speak daily and I'm sorry we couldn't dive Sunday - see below all for an explanation.

Stevie Walker and Liz - always a pleasure, never a chore. Indeed, the more I speak to Stevie, the more I find it hard to believe he could have a bad word to say about any one or anything! The man's a result and a real credit to the team.

Matt Binnie: got your voice mail mate and thanks for letting me know. You would not have been happy to turn up and see the conditions that we had; they were, quite frankly, mince. We will see you next time mate.

Andy W for being as easy-going and un-phased as ever and not worrying about conditions or outcome - true 'dive any where with anyone' spirit from a former 'Maroon Emperor'! 1st class.

Davey Willo and Bob Cooper: quite simply dedicated divers. Got to dive Saturday (Dotty) and Sunday (Capernwray) and enjoyed both days tremendously too by all accounts. Also top company and giggle to boot – actually, this is becoming rather a habit when I meet Davey: we sit and laugh for hours. I've had to use a Monkey Wrench to remove the grin from Davey's face all weekend.

Diving or no diving, this weekend has cemented in me the knowledge that divers are a breed apart. Regardless of conditions, they will turn up and just get on with it. What more could I ask for??

I had worried that I'd let folk down with an apparently well-organised gig, and then that gig going to rat shit due to the weather - the one thing I can't control!

My spirits have been raised, though, by the numerous emails, PM's and phone calls I've had today saying 'never mind, we had a blast anyway and we'll be there for the next YD gig'. All I can say is thanks for your faith and willingness to get in amongst it and enjoy yourselves, come-what-may, under some very trying conditions. You restore my faith in diver-kind.

So, what happened Sunday - dive wise??

Davey Willo turned up at my hooch with an even bigger grin (if possible) and couldn't get an explanation out of his mouth due to laughing so hard. I had to hug him to calm him down.

"It's sheer madness, madness I tell you!!"…as he did a quick impression of a sheet on a washing-line in a gale.

It was obvious, just looking out the window, that conditions were noticeably worse that Saturday. Davey was not 'carding' me: he spoke with the knowledge of someone who had been up a lot earlier than I and had seen the conditions 1st-hand.

We bad our farewells and he set off for the Cape (Trooper-good-to-go-Styleee). That left AndyP, myself and anyone else who was convinced by my machinations from the previous night's team-meet.

So, after grabbing my gear and making sure we’d left nothing behind (AndyP, I found your shampoo in the bathroom mate), I saw Hobby knocking on my door. I let him in and he gave me the news: “you are aware that one of you Landie tyres is flat?!” Just great. Outstanding. Not only were conditions against us, but also it now appeared that the gods were conspiring against me to prevent me getting to a dive-site at all!

Now normally, changing a flat tyre is no biggie and is two minutes work. Alas, the Landie has 18-inch alloys that require the use of locking-nut attachment to the wheel spanner. And, following the luck of the weekend, said attachment was AWOL!

A quick call to LandRover Assist and they despatched a guy with the requisites and I was sorted out in within a couple of hours. By this time, there were no one else around and I was certainly not in the mood to go diving. The weather was foul, Hobby and Fran had valiantly waited around with me until we agreed that there was little point in them staying.

I managed to get away by about 14.15 hrs – the rain pissed it down all the way home.

A quick apology here to Geoff Oldfield: sorry we didn’t manage to hook up this time Geoff. I mentioned on the Saturday night that we might troop-up to the Anchorage to meet you guys, and then the musician turned up at our place and that was us for the night. Again, sorry about that – we owe you a return match and a few beers for standing you up.

OK, so what next?

We WILL be doing Anglesey again! Make no doubt about that. As for dates, let me get my head round this weekend and see what’s the most likely. May time probably.

Cheers again all – with or without diving we had a blast.

Total team expenditure for the weekend was £500: I gave Elfyn £200 and Scott £300. I have not yet cashed any of the cheques that you sent to me, but I will do now. I’ll divvy up what has been spent from team funds from everyone, and then cut everyone a cheque for the monies not spent.

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See, I felt the jinx a-coming for Sunday!  We decided to just hit the road as you know, and upon awakening on Sunday it definitely looked like the best plan!  Sorry that you of all people didn't get wet at all, apart from the horizontal flying stuff.  We had gone for a drive at dusk to watch the waves and marvel at the foam covering the roads in some places, we really didn't reckon that there could be a "decent" dive, with flat water and viz and everything, for miles!

I am sure the troop photo taken on Saturday night will be the true testament of what a top weekend was had - grins all round!  Who needs diving when you can talk about it, in a pub, with a top bunch of people??

Completely looking forward to next time, and all mini-trips in between.

Cheers, old boy!


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Hi All,
        Sorry to hear your diving went slightly tits-up but at least the food and bevvying was good . We on the other hand had a cracking weekends diving as well as good company and bevvying.  
. Saturday was the Shuna first and then the Hispania and Sunday had a minor discrepency on the first dive(Hispania) so that was changed to a scenic on Calve Island. The second dive was the Thesis which went fine. Anyway as soon as I have written a trip report on word I shall post all the details of the frivolities.


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Hey Peter,

Glad you all had a good weekend mate and glad too that everyone dived safe and enjoyed themselves.

Look forward to the report.

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<font color='#000080'>
[b said:
Quote[/b] (Bren Tierney @ Mar. 10 2003,14:42)]Anglesey - the best organised diving weekend that never actually involved any diving I can remember..."

Bren Tierney - Saturday night, Trearddur Bay NAAFI bar.

Now ain't that the truth,  the most fun on a diving weekend without going diving (Well just the one shore dive with Dave and Karen.

A very big thank you Bren from me and the rest of the Bristol massive for ensuring that none of us stayed dry (Even the ones who did not dive  

So much fun and great to meet so many of you.

So when's the next one,  the rest of the mob have already started asking.

A huge thanks to all of you and especially Bren.


P.S.  big kisses back at you Lou from Finnegan  

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<font color='#0000FF'>Well, as British divers we have to be kind of philosophical as regards the weather don't we? Anyone who hasn't had a day or weekends diving blown out obviously doesn't get out much!

all in all, still worth the effort of turning out, and good to put a few more faces to the names.  

As for Liz and myself,  not wishing to have a long drive home late at night, we set off for Crap & Rainy at 9am, did a 45min dive complete with mask removal (brrrr....) and I put Liz thru her Sport Diver Rescue lesson #2, so had someting to show for the virtual hypothermia cased by an overly long cold water dive and my catastrophic suit failure!

Just to echo everything that has been said above, congratulations Bren on getting everyone organized and ready to dive, and I hope it hasn't put you off trying it all again


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Gales in Wales...
Hello to you all from Chris and Liz. We had a ball. Thanks so much Bren for organising everything. Quite a do. Funny how it really feels like we got back from a hectic dive trip even though our bottom time was 30 seconds and max depth 1.6metres... Just the trick for getting used to the palava of gloves and hoods etc for Lizzie. And Chris is simply dying to hear when the next trip is. We will definitely be signing up. Good to meet you all and hats off to the girls who went down and stayed down. We are impressed! Talk to you again soon and great to meet you all (and remember Dave and Diane - e-mail us your address for your signed photo!)
Bye for now
Chris and Liz x

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Hello all from Dave and Karen J,

At least we all managed to get wet this weekend, even if it wasn't in the way we planned !

Great to meet you all, especially the Bristol Massive who were daft enough to attempt diving Bull bay with us, a dive that can only be described as 'swimming in horlicks' !

All hail to Bren for organising one hell of a drinking trip, this one was just a recky for the real thing !  All your efforts were much appreciated, sir.

Counting down to the next one already, looking forward to diving with you all (again?) soon.


P.S. If we are going to Anglesey again in May, can we avoid the bank holidays please ?!

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Hey Bren - great weekend - got pissed, met great folk, cant wait until the next one.

Best wishes to all who turned up - ecspecially Lou & Caroline - divers indeed !!!!!

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