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Hiya folks, been offline due to PC crocked. Wanted to share my dives at the weekend at Anglesey.

We got to Treardur Bay at about 8am to find it totally blown out, tried Porth dafarch - also blown out. We decided to go `on tour` to try and find Porth Eillian on the other side of the island. Eventually found it after an hours driving in circles. Its a nice little bay, flat calm and totally empty. Car parking is limited but there is a car park some 100 yards away !! Get there early to get one of the 3 spaces by the bay.

Anyway - its low tide but what the ####, we needed to get wet. There is a `reef` about 30 yards directly out from the beach. This is effectively lines of boulders across the bay covered in Kelp. Vis was about 2m but if you look closely there are loads of crabs, fish and starfish. Max depth acheived was 7m - further than this is sand/sand/sand.

When we surfaced we got the shock of our lives - one rib, 2 jetskis and 30 or so divers had appeared - having also done the round trip. Dont know who was more suprised, us or them.

Only problem on the dive was silt on the kelp, once disturbed the vis goes to about half a metre.

Second dive was at high tide (one metre higher) and the vis was crap after everyone had done the reef tour.

Overall, worth the visit just for the experience - and of course the dive itself. Wouldn`t do it again unless the west side of the island is blown out.

If anyone has any further reports on Anglesey dives then please post `em - it helps others.

Dive safe
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